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Meetup 2017
I would like to officially announce Meetup 2017!  There is a lot of information to get to you about #Meetup17 and this is the starting point.  Let me start off with what I do and don't know.

You know how @Joe_Miner always talks about #bestmeetupever? I have a new hashtag for you. #LASTMeetupEver.  Yes, this is probably going to be the last meetup in the Indianapolis area.  I am open to conversations on how to continue Meetup in the future and if things change I'll reconsider but as of now, this is the last one.  I want to be up front with you because I know a lot of folks continue to say, "i'll see you at the next meetup."  I don't want you to miss it!

I don't know the date yet. Plan for Late September or Early October.  I was originally planning on doing it the last weekend of Microsoft's Ignite conference that way anyone attending from overseas could drop by. Ignite is September 25 - 29. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ignite/default.aspx

SAME Location!  8900 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis IN 46240 Map here. 

I'm waiting on a few key pieces of information from a few vendors.  When I have that data I can set dates.

Same format. Friday night get together, Saturday meetup. Sunday breakfast for those that hung around.

There will be a cost involved although minimal.  That helps me with numbers and catering. $25 a head. In most cases this is for the geeks and not for family members although I do recommend that family members have lunch with us. Last year we even had the #BestBabyEver when @kylejwx brought his bundle of joy to geek out with us.

Expect a HUGE Meetup! Last year was big for me as it was the year I ended HSS and started RESET.  I'm sure all attendees remember that little speech. I totally lost it!  Nothing dramatic this year folks just a gathering of good friends and a GREAT time.  Please, do not miss this one. 

Meetup 2016 thread for information purposes - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ignite/default.aspx

Want to revisit Meetup 16?  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiBi0ZKn_IuTjKcj3E3rAPvSOqjjFw

I can't wait to see you guys and gals again.  Talk, discuss, ask questions.  I promise to shore up the details soon. With or without the vendors support!
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