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    The OLD way to support your favorite sites

    There are many ways to support your favorite sites. RESET Forums employs a few methods.  The shopping links on the main page, clicking shopping links in posts, and ads.  You can also donate via Patreon or PayPal.  

    I know, thats a pain.  I get it.  I'm a consumer as well. I forget to click my friend's links and sometimes don't want a long term commitment.  That leads me to offer you this method.  It's indirect.  More often than not, it doesn't cost you a dime or time. 


    The NEW way to support your favorite sites

    Simply open a tab on this page and it will run a small applet in JavaScript that may or may not benefit me at some point!

    It's hard to explain but it's called JSE. https://jsecoin.com/ I've been using it personally for a week in order to check it out.  It's a new cryptocurrency that mines in the background only on a browser.  Your browser is mining for me. It helps pay the bills and the hope is that it would reduce ads in the future.  You will have to white-list this page if you are using an ad blocker.

    I'm putting this on a special page and not on the forums main pages.  It's voluntary.  The risk is all on me.  There is no guarantee that this method will take off or be able to turn monetary for my benefit.

    Here is what I've found

    It is really meant to be loaded on every single page of a website.  You have to stay on this page in order for it to work in any meaningful way.  That's not really going to work but hey, this is a test.  Both a test to see what you think about it and a test to see if it really works. 

    You can earn too

    But wait, there's more!  No free steak knives but you can also mine for yourself if you want to setup an account.  You and I can both get coins if you use this referral link: 

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