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  1. Just reporting back to say that I've successfully quietened my ML350p thanks to the advice given here. I decided to remove the whole fan cage and bridged the relevant connections on the little PCB rather than fiddling with the fan connectors. I didn't bother adding a grounding strap to the chassis like XeonUnicorn, but might do that later on. As others have mentioned, I had to remove the CPU retaining clamps to get the coolers to sit flush. This probably isn't ideal as the coolers are now the only thing holding the CPUs in place, but as this is just a homelab project I can live with it. For the time being, I'm running the fans from a cheap fan splitter board that takes a SATA power supply. At some point I plan on adding some more case fans and an arduino based fan controller, possibly afancontrol (https://afancontrol.readthedocs.io). I ran the server with the lid off for a little bit while testing a GPU and managed to trigger a thermal shutdown due to the HD controller hitting 100C. It's ok with the lid on however, sugessting the noctua coolers do provide adequate airfolw through the chassis. After replacing the CPU coolers, I realised that the power supply fans actually make quite a bit of noise too, so I replaced those with Noctua fans and now I finally have the server at an acceptable noise level. The colour coding on my PSU fans was different to that mentioned by ook4mi earlier in this thread. I checked the pinout with an oscilloscope and the tachometer wire was white on mine IIRC.
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