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    Yes. I bought mine at eBay, and saw other do the same without a problem. I bought a 9207-8i, works pretty well. But If you want HW RAID you might want to look to other options. Probably a P420 is a better choice. Don't go RAID5 for that amount of space. If a disk fails, the stress added to the other disks when rebuilding the array might kill another.
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    There is a keypad which can run hard wired to power or via battery. There is a base that needs constant power but has a Ring style battery in it for 24 hour backup battery purposes. My question has always been, can I take down the alarm keypad that is in place now and put the Ring one in it's place with its power plug? May need some mods to do so. Maybe this? https://www.amazon.com/Yeeco-Waterproof-Converter-Converters-Transformer/dp/B00QTJWRFW Existing doorbell? Yes, Ring! Intercom?
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    Saw this when it came out. Other manufacturers are stepping up with discounts as well. I saw an Orbi discount somewhere. New eero haters gotta get something new!
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