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    I have a couple of the Roamio OTA units at my parent's place and they are extremely happy with them (which means I'm happy since I'm their tech support).
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    Probably a historical relic? UniFi doesn't use Java at all. It isn't designed as a standalone a la carte system (buying just one or a few AP's). The key architectural benefit of UniFi is that is uses an Enterprise (some may say "Enterprise-like") centralized management model using an integrated web console to manage all their devices. From a "single pane of glass" you can manage Unifi Switches, Access Points, Security Gateway/Router, etc. Although individual products come close to "best of breed" on their own merits (and most exceed the typical consumer products like Eero, Orbi, etc.) I wouldn't suggest anyone try UniFi unless they are interested in a unified view of their network and/or plan on using at least some of their gear beyond simple AP's. Honestly, the systems to compare it to are Cisco, Open Mesh, Ruckus, Meraki, etc. In that league of product, UniFi is the only one that is widely available to consumers, doesn't require restrictive dealer training/authorization, and be purchased one piece at a time. In the consumer space, it is really suitable for the power user / hacker /expert that hates hardware that hides or limits features, considers the user "stupid" that needs to be protected from themselves, etc. Whereas with a Cisco or traditional gear you are going to have learn a cryptic, proprietary command line language and an entire philosophy of operation to configure and get the most out of the gear, Unifi can be completely installed and operated by very straightforward mobile apps or a nice full-size web browser. Uber users can SSH to any UniFi gear and have direct command line access to a real Unix/Linux kernel - if you know what you are doing, you can install your own modules and reconfigure anything - even things not exposed in the regular GUI web interface. Having said that, many of their products can be used as "dumb" hardware devices if you don't actually configure them (e.g. they have a nice line of 8-port PoE Smart Ethernet switches, but if you just plug them in and use them they work fine as "dumb" switches.) In particular, the AP's by themselves can be set up in "standalone mode" with a few clicks of their smartphone app. You don't get all the benefits of the centralized management system, but you can do it (I say don't; stick with Eero or other things if you aren't going to use real capability of UniFi).
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    I think the hole is for an M3 countersunk, but the Gen8 ODD bracket does not work in the Gen10. I tried mounting the bracket upside down after drilling a small hole in it that aligns to the mounting hole in the chassis. I used a nylon screw to secure it, so as to not have any metal dust. It works, but it is not something I can manufacture. There are 3D printer plans for brackets that will work.
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    I removed it to make this transition. I don't like having another variable in there in case I run into issues.
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    Follow up on the Synology mesh. I did some rearranging this week. U moved the cable modem to my main floor. The Synology router too. It doesn't do much good downstairs in a basement surrounded by metal ducting. A lot of metal. I powered it all off and moved it as well as moving the mesh AP up a floor as well. Router move went great. The mesh AP was a different story. I had it working via Ethernet backhaul prior to the move but can't get it to work now. It's frustrating. I'm down to only 2 eero units on the old SSID. I'm also changing that too. It's been while and it has been shared too much work it's time to change. Super pain to do all the Alexa's and the Ring products. I'll share more on the next RESET.
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