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  2. Hellooooo everybody. As time has finally come and all required parts has arrived, I am presenting you my long struggling upgrade of the CPU + Noctua cooler. All is reversible with no permanent destruction. (At least, I hope ). And CPU fan is working according main case FAN. Upgrade is about to have a new CPU: Xeon E3-1270 V2 with noctua fan: NH-L9i, installed together and cpu fan would work according main case fan. (so if case fan spinning fast, cpu fan too. And vice versa). 1, CASE: ------------- At first, the case needed to be modified little bit. I didnt want to drill out the original passive cooler mounting holders so I did a small workaround. I filed a holes for the screw headers on the outside frame (1) and also a longer hole in the ("I dont know reason why is there" ) "mountain" below CPU (2). pic 1: https://ibb.co/FBxC04k pic 2: https://ibb.co/bJdb0gG 2, SCREWS: ------------------ As there was a hole in the screw holder on the motherboard plate, I had to find out the size of the screws, thread, diameter and so on. But in another topic on this forum I was asking for the help with that, and somebody replied that I can use application and screw compared with different sizes. So I did that and found out that the right size of screw is: #6-32. So I had to ordered them (toghether with screw nuts) from China because I couldnt find them in our country stores. 3, BRACKETS: ---------------------- It is known, that Noctua original brackets were longer in size, 75 vs 65 mm. So I had a luck and asked our local CNC machining store if they could make a new brackets for reasonable price. So here we are: 65 mm brackets for Noctua fan. pic 3: https://ibb.co/DVBM8Qt (The new ones are not labeled) 4, COMPLETING: --------------------------- After months of waiting, I've got all necessary parts and installed them together: https://ibb.co/0D2rN5g - screws in the motherboard plate. https://ibb.co/w74Z27B - Noctua fan cooler mounted with screws and nuts. https://ibb.co/RBNMfRX - with fan. https://ibb.co/nC94fs1 - reason for the hole. 5, FAN - Most tricky part ------------------------------------- This was interesting part as we all know that the signal in the case fan is inverted and it is hard to workaround it. But after some hours of googling I found the solution. There is IC chip existing which can invert the signal in the opposite way. The chip is: 74HC04 and you should be able to get it easily. So with this scheme I found, it was really simple to create a new CPU fan cable: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/322390/12v-pwm-fan-seems-to-be-running-inversely-of-what-it-should-be Here is mine: (I also used the mentioned guide with power sourcing from separate molex, another topic on this forum) https://ibb.co/YfKZWh8 - on the left - it is first attempt. I didnt like it much so I created a new one on the right. Much better result. https://ibb.co/CQ5Kw0z - completed setup. I changed the case fan connector to usual one. The cable with chip inside was put into shrinking tube. So with all this, I installed everything together and now the new CPU fan works the exactly same way as the main case fan. The next steps I would like to finish are: (probably more software-ish). As I still have the original BIOS, firmware and all this, I would like to update them. So maybe the question will be put here: what do you recommend to update first ? Or is there any guide how to update all possible things on this server ? in the correct way ? is it deppend on the right order ? Also I realized that I am still using the system SSD disk on the first slot in the bay, so is there any way how to use SSD disk independently and the whole 4 bay slots for the storage disks ? Another thing is that when I run some "stress" test on the server, all 8 cores at 100%, they went to 80 degrees and increasing, but when I checked the iLO, I saw the the fan was spinning only on 18%. After some time on 21%, what I guess is not much. So I need to check the cooling options which are in BIOS, I guess. Also I am not sure if this is because the old BIOS ? Shouldnt be fan spinning more if the CPU has big load ? I think that's all my thoughts, ideas and I hope that maybe it helps somebody. Many thanks again for all your hints and help. Have a great days. cheers
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