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    It would be useful if you could describe the steps which worked in some detail up to the point of failure ... ... and NOT follow MSFT's lead by saying 'something went wrong somewhere' 😉 Using the USB method I presume you loaded the RAID driver (S100i or whatever - I don't have a 10+). I have found that, even with the oldest devices, if the network driver is located and installed ... then the W10 installation program is pretty good at finding any other missing drivers. One somewhat abstruse idea occurs. If you are attempting to install the latest 2004 version of W10, then MSFT may not yet have released the HP 10+ because of a driver incompatibility (as indeed they have not even for some MSFT devices!!). Whether you can grab an older version of W10 I leave in your hands. I suspect though that someone else on the forum must have managed to install W10 2004 on this machine.
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