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  1. I first boot into the bios and verify that all the memory and drives that should be present are recognized. also verify that the correct boot disk is selected. If this checks out, I boot into a USB stick using A light Linux distro, if it boots, check your original boot drive is readable - might be time to replace the hard drive from a hardware perspective, If I need to open the case, I will reseat every connection and test. next step would be to try a different power supply at some point, if its an arcane hardware failure, on a low end system its tim
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  2. Very hard to predict were the issue is. If it hangs before the Windows screen comes up it is likely hardware. If it hangs with the Windows splash screen up it is likely software. I would confirm the desktop has the latest BIOS, if you have not updated it recently. Once the BIOS is up-to-date, I would run a Windows clean up utility, to clean up the Windows installation. I prefer Glary, https://www.glarysoft.com/. Be sure you have a good backup of this machine before you do any of these things.
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  3. All of those should work. Be sure to have the latest firmware on the P420. For WD Reds confirm you are not getting SMR drives:
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