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  1. So I finally pulled the trigger and upgraded one of my Gen8s to the Gen10 Plus. I upgraded the CPU to literally the only 6 core Xeon (E-2246G) I could find for sale (2nd hand off eBay from Germany), still pretty much paying full price for it but there seems to be a significant shortage of these processors at the moment. I also installed the HP TPM 2.0. The HP iLO enablement kit & a HP NC365T (Quad Port Gigabit NIC), I may switch this out at some point for a Smart Array so I can attach the HDDs to it an
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  2. Assuming that your GFCI's are similar to ours an unbalanced load will cause a trip (they are basically a solenoid) so my guess was the lightning strike hit the ground close enough to cause current in the earth wire and wham, unbalanced circuit
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