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  1. I must say this is a life-saving source of useful information about the Gen8 MicroServer! And speaking as someone resurrecting their Gen8 with a rebuild, it has proven to be extremely useful. My thanks to all who have added and curated this list of links and details. 🙂
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  2. i have some notes but dont remember what they mean i believe you will figure it out http://downloads.linux.hpe.com/SDR/project/mcp/ hp-health HPE System Health Application and Command line Utilities (Gen9 and earlier) hponcfg HPE RILOE II/iLO online configuration utility amsd HPE Agentless Management Service (Gen10 only) hp-ams HPE Agentless Management Service (Gen9 and earlier) hp-snmp-agents Insight Management SNMP Agents for HPE ProLiant Systems (Gen9 and earlier) hpsmh HPE System Management Homepage (Gen9 and earlier) hp-smh-templates
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  3. I have added active cooling with good results, but I went about it MacGyver style and hacked into it. The stock heatsink is actually quite effective, so I decided to keep it and cut a diagonal part out of it and simply lay the fan on an angle. It actually works well as the fan pulls cool air in across the heatsink and blows it out towards the rear exhaust fan. The photos will speak for themselves... CPU - Xeon 1270 V2 COOLER - Stock (Hacked) CPU FAN - Noctua NF-A9x14 (Feeding 12v directly with a low speed adapter NA-RC12)
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