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    Well I deffo got the front end of the landing page with the link you posted earlier so the ports are working
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    I am interested in (old style): - motherboards/NIC's for 10GBE (especially with AMD CPUs) - computer cases for lots of disk, say 12+ … and anything in the 'Home and Family' topic series. Have a nice show! 🙂 PS trying to update my next door neighbour's 2009 laptop (Windows 7, HDD) to Windows 10 as I write.
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    There is a move option on the UniFi Controllers, it may or may not work for Dream Machine I use a G Clamp (a cheap spring loaded one) to hold the power bricks for my devices to the underneath of my desk for neatness, you may be able to do something similar If you are going to speak to Synology can you please ask about the combo 10GBE/M2 adapter they were working on. I have heard nothing about it recently I do, do as you're suggesting. I have a TPLink Kasa smartplug and it turns on at 2AM (my backups come in from offsite first, then the local backup runs) the backup runs, then it turns off again. The only issue I have had with this is the backups do not always take the same amount of time. As such when verification happens it fails due to the disk being turned off. Last I checked there was no way to add a pre/post script to the backup task. If there was it would simply be a matter of calling the plug and turning it on/off but there does not seem to be this option in HyperBackup
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    I dropped some coin on their Kickstarter project, be interesting to see the v1 frames that they have there, although they're not delivering them, they're moving straight to v2.
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    Any chance of you wondering past the Human Capable stand? Booth 22030
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