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    Good to hear!
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    I just booted to windows with the drives back in. It’s all there! I really appreciate your tech support Schoondoggy 👍 I sort of wonder if the old battery pack could have been a reason, or could the card have gotten messed up during the Windows update?
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    You do not need to pull the drives out, just do not connect the data cable. I would leave the drives in their bays so they stay in the correct order.
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    It may be a good idea to not connect the drives to the new P410 until you get the driver loaded and update the firmware.
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    Not sure if you could patch WHS2011. If the offline SSA could not find the P410, the P410 is likely bad.
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    Windows version is not critical. It should be an HPE server. Hard to tell on failure, but I would think it is the P410.
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