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    There is a molex power union located between the ODD bay and the front drive bays. That is where most people add a Y connector and branch off SATA power. You could use the FDD power connector in the ODD bay for power as well. Moving the SAS cable from the system board to the LSI will not affect the power. I am out of SDM brackets, but if you look at some of those post you will get cabling ideas.
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    FreeNAS seems to like LSI HBA running IT mode firmware. I like the SAS9207-4i4E as it gives you a connection for four internal and four external drives. You could run the four drives in the front bays from the LSI. Buy a break out cable and run your SSDs from the internal SATA controller. Keep in mind the first two SATA ports on the motherboard are SATA 6Gb/s the other two and the ODD SATA port are SATA 3Gb/s.
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