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    Working backwards somewhat to connect from outside: 1. The W10 desktop must be set to 'allow Remote Access' … and to a specific user account. 2. Your router's firewall will block unsolicited incoming traffic, so add a new 'port forwarding' rule to send traffic for port 3389 (the Windows convention is port 3389 = remote desktop) to the W10 desktop's LAN IP address. 3. Install the Remote Desktop app on your phone. 4. Fire up the app and connect to the allocated W10 user account - you'll be asked for the password. Expanded description at, for instance, https://lifehacker.com/use-your-computer-from-anywhere-a-guide-to-remote-cont-5902654 Not sure how Synology handles this … rtfm 😉 For bonus points you might need to use a dynamic DNS service (I use NoIP) and it would be more secure to find out how you can make Windows use a port other than 3389 for remote traffic. It would also be good policy if the account nominated or remote access had only user privileges and not administrator rights!
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