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    Hey Dave, A few things that might help and others: Haven't used the UDM yet (I'm waiting for the UDM Pro which is still in final beta), but... My understanding is that you can restore a CloudKey controller backup to the UDM built-in CloudKey. Personally, in your configuration, I wouldn't physically reconfigure and move coax feeds and equipment. I would install the UDM in the basement replacing existing gear with just a simple cable swap. Sure, you're wasting the built-in AP, but everything else is much more straightforward. Theoretically, you should be able to restore your cloudkey backup, and have almost the same network up and running in just a few minutes. Then you can start deconstructing or reconfiguring more at your leisure rather than necessity of getting the network up and running for the entire household with no downtime 🙂 In your review of your existing setup, IMHO, the primary benefit of Unifi, even more than the wide choice of physical AP units and mounting options, is the extensive configurability and monitoring/status options. You kinda touched at this towards the end of the podcast, but the ability to limit the radio power, turn off the auto settings, and assign the Wi-Fi channels (especially the crowded 2.4 GHz frequency) to non-overlapped channel numbers is a big win for anyone trying to fix dead spots or avoid buying extra AP's as a "brute force" solution to solving coverage. (Not that there is anything wrong with that; sometimes spending $100 on an extra AP instead of spending hundreds of dollars of time and effort to tweak, is the right choice.) It wasn't clear that you are full exploiting the Unifi flexibility to fix your Ring camera/doorbell problems. First thing I usually do with a Unifi setup is to create a 2.4 GHz only SSID and enable it only on the AP radio that is physically the right unit for the Doorbells (or any IoT device that only supports 2.4GHz) to connect. Overriding the autoconnect/automatic behavior in Ring and other devices and forcing the connection to a specific AP solves almost all the Wi-Fi problems with these and similar devices that have somewhat dumb Wi-Fi firmware or less than ideal reliability. It's worth the trouble to re-program the SSID inside the Ring or other device and the results are much better than just having multiple AP's hoping they are in range. I'm really curious whether the UDM will be successful in bringing Unifi to the general consumer market, but I'm skeptical it will really be able to displace Eero, Google, Orbi, and other true consumer gear. One irony is that right now the early adopters of the UDM are all sophisticated Unifi users and that thing doesn't fit and looks awful in their otherwise beautiful rack porn photos they have been posting 🙂 Granted the UDM is a lot cheaper than buying the equivalent individual parts, but there are advantages to being modular too. Easier service, not losing everything if a non-critical module goes down, etc. There will always be a lively discussion between modular or integrated that goes all the way back to mainframes with terminals versus minicomputers and later PC's, so not trying to re-ignite that long standing debate, but merely point out that saving money isn't always the most significant reason to choose one over another. In the case of Unifi, both fans and users are primarily looking for new functionality. Personally, I would prefer to see some new capabilities made available, regardless of whether it is all-in-one or requires a new box. I can work around price and modularity issues, but I can't work around the lack of a critical feature. So, to bring this home, the only feature that UDM provides that doesn't exist in the current gear is the new USG router/firewall. Specifically, the UDM is rated to handle 1 Gbps speeds with full hardware speed packet analysis and intrusion processing. The current USG is only able to handles 100mbps and is severely taxed in performance at that speed. This is significant because consumer fiber and high speed home Internet connections have zoomed from 3 mbps to over 1 Gbps in many urban and metropolitan areas. Since you mentioned you don't have a USG in your current setup, I think you aren't in a good position to really understand the difference provided by the UDM versus the existing Unifi gear. I know some Unifi users prefer to use a separate router or the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter products because of these limitations and thus don't have the integrated management provided by using the USG. On a positive note, the UDM finally removes the insecure PPTP VPN protocol, but has not yet added support for OpenVPN for incoming VPN (to connect back to your home when you are away, or to use your home network as your own private VPN Internet gateway instead of a paid service), and that is a bit disappointing.
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    It seems to be going fine, no issues. VPN works as expected. The VAR that installed it takes care of the technical aspects. The customer complains about the support cost, but thy do not have their own IT, so they need the help. Fortinet does very well with SMB and education. I am not sure how cost effective their WAP's are, but they seem to be a nice end to end solution.
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    $149 and 6 months of YouTube Premium. That is a great deal. Store.google.com
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