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    This is a common problem - not just with OTA - even cable companies like Comcast and direct TV are broadcasting local channels in 720p in my area only 1 channel out of the 4 major networks broadcasts in 1080 - the rest are in 720 The sub channels are a "vast wasteland" of mostly junk programming. They are basically infomercial stations that costs almost nothing to carry by the host station. even if your particular cable vendor broadcasts in 1080 - the feed from the local station may be in 720 and just upconverted. still, my monthly expenses dropped by $60 a month by ditching cable
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    I recently re-scanned my one tv that is hooked up OTA. Looks like my new roof has cut into reception from the attic. In any case I have two antennas, one of which is specifically for VHF-Hi. I spent a few minutes looking at the results. What I found soured me a bit to the thought that 'OTA TV is the best deal around.' Most of my locals have split their signal into 4 or 5 sub-channels (5.1, 5.2 5.3, 5.4, 5.5) leaving very little bandwidth for the main XX .1 and making the other 4 no better than the old pre-HD analog signals. Yuk! so as they say Your Mileage May Vary!
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