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    Not a fan of Realtek, but I just picked up one of these for $39.99. It is working fine under Windows 10. Fits in the HPE MS Gen10 PCIe x1 slot. I am running it at 1GbE for now, looking at QNAP or Netgear Nbase-T switch to test 2.5GbE. https://www.sybausa.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64_144_157&product_id=1039 There is a single port for $29.99: https://www.sybausa.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64_144_157&product_id=1029
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    Basically DNS utilitizes round-robin/forwarding lists unless told otherwise. What I do for clients that have to have DNS filtering is the following · Server Local DNS: o (To allow for local lookups) o Secondary DC, or Upstream filtered DNS if no secondary DC, there should be a secondary DC, always, if in doubt see previous statement · Server DNS Server o Filtered Upstream in Forwarder, this set to primary position. Round robin disabled o ISP/Cloudfare/Google Public DNS as next in list. Then fallback to Root DNS servers o Conditional Forwarders for known domains. If I have specific domains that need to be looked up on specific servers, I create a conditional forwarder for that domain · DHCP o DNS set to Server IP o DNS set to Secondary Server IP, or upstream filtered DNS
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