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    My daughter, age 11, has decided to move to a PC from her laptop. We put together this entry level gaming build. She picked the case: System board: ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/AC https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157780 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113445 Memory: Team T-Force DARK 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2666 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820313799 Video card: MSI Radeon RX 550 DirectX 12 RX 550 2GT LP OC 2GB https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137148 SSD: WD Black 256GB Performance SSD - M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe SSD - WDS256G1X0C https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820250084 Case: SilverStone Milo Series SST-ML09B Mini-ITX https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163356 PSU: FSP Group FSP450-60GHS(85)-R 450W Micro ATX12V / SFX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIABP94GR8137 Thoughts?
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    one nice feature of NAS OS's like Qnap or Synology - you not only can back up to a external USB, - the backup program can mount/unmount the drives. So your backup is disconnected from the outside world for the great majority of the time.
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    Dave, listened to the podcast; nice summary of the happening although there are two items that I think are inaccurate: First, the Crashplan Pro subscription is billed monthly, you do not have to have to purchase the whole year upfront as we had to for the home version. So after CP home expires it's $2.50 every month for 12 months. Second, there is no storage limit for Crashplan Pro. The 5TB limit applies only to the transfer from home to the small business subscription. They say it's a technical limitation but I think they want the 50 TB digital hoarders to start from "scratch". In any case the size of your dataset should not determine whether you stay or leave Crashplan; data beyond 5 TB just have to be re-uploaded.I don't think there is a cheaper place for that much data, $60 was just too low to be profitable. Finally, while they do not offer a cloud transfer program, one could argue that the two free months they are giving you should be used to upload data to a new service and the Crashplan will be there for two extra months while the upload completes. You can upload a fair amount of data in a two month period. It would probably be sufficient to reseed my 1+ TB backup. Cheers.
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    Somewhat disappointing but switching now seems like the wrong move. First, we all got an extra 60 days free. Second, the first year after the home subscription expires is 75% off. That means it's only $2.50 per month. This is ~half the cost of the other services and you do not have to re-upload. That means I have 18 month or so before I really need to decide whether $10/month is worth the switch.
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    I'll be there! If anyone is driving through the Toledo Ohio area and wants to carpool, let me know!
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    That is a great idea. You can post a copy here when you finish your first draft.
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    Insted of updating my Post's I was just thinking that I could create a new thread for the new SPP. I did install the new SPP and this following things was updated for me (I have only done the SPP 2017.04 before), If you want the latest updates for iLO you need to download it from HP's webbpage as iLO is only on v 2.50 in this SPP. So if you have only done the SPP 2017.04 I do recommend you to do this one also. And don't mind that it says Gen9 at the first update, it's the same as for the gen8. You can download the SPP on this link: HP SPP 2017.07.1
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    You are not wrong Dave. For me, I am interested in the history of personal computers and technology which the series is based around. The plot of the first season is about building a laptop that weighs no more than 15 pounds. The series makes you appreciate the technology we have now and where we came from. www.pceddienc.com
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    Broadcom family of Max WiFi: https://www.broadcom.com/company/news/product-releases/2293974 Next gen, Max WiFi: http://maxwifi.org/
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    Any 🇬🇧 folks coming over this year? Sent from my Pixel using RESET Forums mobile app.
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    Well this sucks! Been using crashplan since I won a years license at a HSS meetup a few years ago. Been working great and its saved my bacon a couple of times. very Happy customer I like the way that Code42 is handling this transition would consider paying the extra 50 bucks a year for their small business version - at least that will let me kick the the can on a decision for a year or two
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    Here is a list of other cloud providers: https://www.lifewire.com/online-backup-services-reviewed-2624712
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    Two quick "FYI" comments about NetSpot Pro: The earlier trial/free version that was available from the Mac App Store allowed you to perform heat map scans. The app prevented you from using some of the advanced features, but unlike the current version, it was actually quite usable. (So if you manage to find an older copy, you would be in luck). I had the older version, but bought the paid version as I wanted/needed the full functionality and felt it was worth it. NetSpot Pro will give much better results if the diagram is accurate. NetSpot asks you to select one line segment (by clicking on two points that define the line) and giving the distance you measured (or eyeballed). Then it auto-calculates the distance between all the other segments of the floorplan, so if you do draw it reasonably to scale, you will get very meaningful results. But you don't need an actual floorplan. You can "cheat" by drawing a simple rectangle and then clicking on arbitrary spots far enough apart so the scan results (circular clouds around the scan point) barely overlap.
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    Registered - ready for #BestMeetUpEver Looking like I'll bring Gen10 MicroServer - Maybe more
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    Update : audio was disabled in bios All is working fine now. Club 3d display port to hdmi 4k 59hz with sound
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    I just registered! Can't wait!
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    I exchanged emails with their support team this morning. I was asking if they were working on an upgrade, they are. I will send you a copy of my dialog.
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    With Crashplan going away, I'd love to see some demos of backup strategies at the meetup. Acronis could be one for sure. Just an idea for those bringing demo gear.
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    Kind of lost in all the router/vpn discussion, but Meraki MDM solution is a hidden gem. It is still absolutely free, even if you aren't using the rest of the Meraki hardware/software stack. Once in a while I check-in with the console to set my own "app count" on my iPhone. Right now it is reporting that I have 501 apps installed. (Never would have manually counted 'em up.) Unfortunately, for my consumer clients the whole MDM concept is "too creepy" so I don't deploy it very often. OTOH, logging in to the Meraki console and then using the remote access feature to "remote" in to the same exact computer you are running the console on (with the agent installed, of course) is always a fun demo of the "hallway of mirrors" effect :-)
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    Browsing around my Synology App store yesterday and what did I notice, but they now have Acronis integrated directly and officially supported, not even 1000 downloads on this thing yet. I do not use Acronis personally, But the integration gives me the thought to try it out, especially for mobile devices. The other one that got my attention was Eynio (https://eynio.com) server which does home automation and tablet control panels utilising web apps. I have not successfully got this working yet *its installed and running at least officially, but I cannot connect to the web interface for some reason. It integrates with a bunch of Home Automation stuff (https://eynio.com/wp/devices/) and it looks like exactly what I have been wanting for a while, now if I can just get into it and make it work
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    I have never done an upgrade in place I always wipe and restart as I do not want any old "junk" messing up my pristine server. In fact, I have just done three wipe and moves for a client, but with these, we migrate to another server, wipe and install the new OS and then migrate the next server to that one in a chain which makes it easy. To Export simply open up Hyper-V manager, shut down the VM. Right click on it and select export. Exporting to a location that is safe for the wipe. This will create a folder structure in the location with the name of the VM. This folder can be moved anywhere you like but must stay intact. To restore, put these folders back on the SSD in a location you want them in, go into the Hyper-V Manager, and go through the import process, and simply register in place (if you want to import to the Hyper-V Folder Structure do it from the other disk as it will copy the entire VHD into locations itself). Now one issue that I see with many techs and I have received many panicked calls over is the fact that the VM's do not connect to the network after the migration or export/import process. This is due to the fact that Hyper-V assumes the network adapter names are the same, so it's simply a matter of re-assigning the adapter or making sure the name of the adapter is the same prior to import. To mitigate this I name all my network connections to the network at large as "External" which if you do before migration on the current system, then name the new virtual switch the same it will import and boot up just fine. Yet another thing is BEFORE you start the server (you can shut down and do it later, but then you have to shut down the server) right click on the imported machine(s) one at a time and run the configuration upgrade. There is no way to do this en-masse for the entire fleet inside the manager, to do it from an ADMINISTRATIVE power shell you can with the following command Update-VMVersion -Name "SERVER01" Where SERVER01 is your VM name. You can input multiple names buy putting a comma between them and each server name in quotation marks If I put a 2016 installer into a 2012 server it will allow an "upgrade" but I am not sure whether it is in place or not as I never do an upgrade on a server, or even a client for the most part. I just wipe and start fresh Justin
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    Here is a link to a great YouTube Video for this.
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    the default video adapter would the the on-board set in bios i presume like you could do with the DL380 G6, (Could set, front only, back only or both) that way it would not use the card as the graphics display and would be available for passthrough.
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    They need to make a couple of tweaks to get Arlo Pro to backup to local NAS, but this could be a nice SMB or Retail bundle: Orbi Pro Arlo Pro Ready NAS
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    I have bought from Gearbest with no issues. I think I used PayPal.
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    DaMenace, this model can be to weak for 1Gb/s connection. In routing with no firewall rules it has 1481,6 Mbps (packet size 1518 bytes), but with 25 simple filter rules it has 689,8Mbps. I afraid, as router with VPN server (L2TP with IPsec, Open VPN or SSTP or IKE V2) RB2011 has too slow CPU. In my opinion maybe RB3011 is enough, or any CCR. But for try and for learning I would start with Cloud Hosted Router as Virtual Machine.
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    As this drive was part of a RAID10 set chances are it would not be readable in a PC. Prior to pulling the drive did you look at iLo or the diagnostics in SSA? Many times that will point you to the error. Is the array rebuilding?
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    On the server, go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server", and reset the permission for the Logs folder (right click on it, select properties, and then the "Security" tab). Make sure that "WseNtfSvc" and "NETWORK SERVICE" both have read and write permissions on the folder. If not, assign them and save. This should fix the permission issue. (IIS in general runs under "NETWORK SERVICE", or as part of that "group")
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    What about the i/o disk performance with esx 6.0 and this update?
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    After listening to RESET 30 I'm going to stick with Crashplan until the deal on the business plan ends. That is too good of a price and will give me almost two years before I have to think about it again. I only have about 2TB of data and unlimited bandwidth so its not as big of a deal as those of us with much more. After that deal expires I will have to review my backup plan at that point and may just have to use the bent paperclip on it. On a side note I was looking at using Arq Backup. For $50 this app will backup your data to a cloud service of your choice. Also keeps incremental backups (such as daily, monthly, yearly) and has other cloud management features. Looking at amazon cloud drive I could get unlimited space for about 60$/year. I also like how the client also backs up network shares. I haven't had a chance to look into other apps to access the data but it looks pretty good.
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    Most of you guys know in have cancer (those that didn't this will explain why later) I had just purchased a NAS to replace a dead plex server. My wife doesn't want to learn guess to take care of this stuff when I am give in the coming future. So now I have: 3 - 8TB WD Red (shucked drives) 1 - 6TB WD Red (shucked) I have verified they were solid drives C but other than that they haven't been used. I am looking for 140 each for the 8TB and 100 for the 6 TB Ping me if interested. I'd rather they go to someone here before I eBay them.
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    I flew up to Idaho from San Diego. I was at a little restaurant just north of Weiser. Pretty much on the center line. The weather was perfect. It was a hot day and you could really feel the temperature drop about 30min before totality. The crowds weren't too bad at all. They were predicting hours of backed up traffic and I think it scared a lot of people away. It was my second total eclipse and the first for my wife and uncle. We had a blast. We're all ready to head to Texas in 2024. Here's my best shot of totality. Not the greatest but I wanted to enjoy the experience instead of fussing with my camera.
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    I think I pay $60ish US a year and paid for 2 years. I will happily move over to the small business plan, as a MSP I started using Crash Plan for my home server after reading about it here and the podcast, and now I actively resell it to my customers, I just hope I can move my home plan over to my reseller account without having to re-upload as the internet in Australia is 3rd world. Anyway just wanted to pop in and say thanks to @Dave for putting me on to this great product. and the podcasts over the years, I would love to make it to meet up this year but already have too much on that month.
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    that would be really sweet if there is.
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    Package Contents: 1 x 4K WiFi Sports Camera, 1 x Waterproof Case + Screw, 1 x Frame, 1 x Clip, 1 x Adapter, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English User Manual FuriBee F60 4K WiFi Action Camera only $29.99 Silly name? Ya. I bought an action cam that is practically the same. Built on same body, lens, etc. I paid way more than this and love it. It's really nice having this extra camera around. I also picked up a kit that has tons of mounts and stuff. This one has a waterproof case too. Nice to have! This price is practically risk free and I have had good luck so far with GearBest.
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    Great video! https://community.smartthings.com/t/complete-sliding-door-electronic-lock-with-keypad-access-fully-st-integrated/95168?source_topic_id=91847
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    Thanks, that explains it. Wanted to make sure that I won't run into that with my 2 TB. The email they sent me stated 75% off for the first year after expiration of current subscription. On $10/month regular price that implies cost is $2.50/month.
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    I've heard of this issue when researching some smart locks. A few reviews recommended getting a lock that had a tapered deadbolt and for it to be strong enough to pull the door in that extra bit if needed for situations like that. I notice on my front door when its hot out it expands a bit and I have to push it in a little more to catch. But when its cold all is good.
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    I am on the Crashplan Family Unlimited $149.99 per year. There was also Crashplan Individual Unlimited for $59.99 per year; https://www.lifewire.com/crashplan-review-2617952
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    And the news you didn't want to hear is that if you move to Carbonite you will have to reupload. Now is the time to look at all the providers and what your needs really are. https://portal.carbonite.com/#/welcometocarbonite/landingpage
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    Hi schoondoggy, Sorry for the incredibly slow reply, I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for this post as it got me up and running! It forced me to look again at the powering of the drives. I think the Molex splitter I was using must have had a loose wire in it or something (this has happened before with those cheap adapters, one of the four wires comes a bit loose from the connector). To cut a long story short I sealed all the connectors up tightly using electrical tape and voila all five drives are now visible to the system I ended up just using AHCI instead of RAID and setting up the four 1TB drives as two mirrored arrays in Windows. What I also did (to cure my OCD) is to shuffle the last three back-plain connectors to the left by one space, so that the ODD bay cable then feeds into slot four in the front bay. Doing this means that the front bays 1-4 match exactly with how Windows reports the drives as 1-4 (with the SSD being on 0). Otherwise, you end up with 4-1-2-3 at the front which slightly confuses things from the point of setting up two mirrors! I also purchased a "7+15 Pin Male to Female SATA Extension cable" for about £2 which was really useful for getting the SSD drive up into the ODD area at the top of the server: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cable-7-15-Pin-Data-power-NEW-Combo-Serial-ATA-Male-to-Female-Extension-SATA/322171144164?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Anyway, thanks again for prodding me in the right direction. I got there eventually after a couple of years of this thing sitting in the cupboard and can now finally retire my ancient server after about 10 years of service! Best, kroma
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    I used MagicPlan to do a large house but was more for a visual. No need to be entirely accurate with furniture, etc. simply to import into NetSpot. Ended up buying the Pro version. NetSpot doesn't require the image to be to scale as it's primarily for a visual guide for heat mapping. MagicPlan included one free "token" which needed to be redeemed at one point during my project.
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    Am using the outdoor enclosure. It works perfectly. Have been using now for two seasons. Only I've left off the faceplate of the Rachio itself while in the enclosure. Otherwise the enclosure doesn't allow much space for your fingers around the perimeter of the Rachio unit, and it can be difficult to remove the plate to get to the wiring.
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    I cheated on that - scanned a page from an appraisal they had done a while ago. Most of the time I do it the old-school way with a measuring wheel; I was just about to buy a laser measuring gadget, when I actually thought "there must be an app for that" and found magicplan: http://www.magic-plan.com/magicplan/ This app is awesome! It is an actual augmented reality app that has been available for over 4 years for both iOS and Android. It is free and really works - fun to play with even if you don't need to create floor plans :-)
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    I almost bought a ML10, HP has released the V2: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA4-7109ENW.pdf
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    Hello Being disappointed by bugs on standard NAS products, i decided to build one based on OpenMediaVault linux deb. Found that Gen8 works fine for this purpose, i discovered this extraordinary rich forum. Have now a Gen8 + add 8G of Ram, 256G SSD and 4x2T disks. OMV works out of the box. Now have a E3 1265L V2 and looking for a good heatsink mod, i found a post in the forum with a great solution with bracket modification and fan placed between the CPU and the heat sink but can't find it again. Thank you for the help and the quality of messages on this forum.
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    There will be a MicroServer decorating contest and a MiroServer interpretative dance competition. If enough people bring their MicroServers we can have a stacking competition as well.
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    I did this a few years ago using EAC and ripping to FLAC. Was the standard then and may still be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    May not be new for many, but new to me. Seems to have videos from all over the world. travelbydrone.com