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  2. schoondoggy

    Supermicro X9DRL-7F Mobo

    It has been a while since I used Intel RST, but I thought non-RAID just meant it was not configured. Are you not able to select them to make a RAID0 array?
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  4. May not be related to grid failure, but there are some posts about flashing green and no boot relating to a bad CMOS battery on the system board. Might be worth a try.
  5. schoondoggy

    Which NVIDIA graphics card fro the Gen 8

    The Nvidia 1030 GT is popular in the MS Gen8 as it is a single slot low profile card. There are several single slot low profile Nvidia Quadro cards available as well. You may need to check with BlueIris user groups to see what delivers the bang for the buck.
  6. GarethC

    MSG10+ iLO Enablement Kit UK Suppliers

    Thanks, I’m hoping I’ll be in a position to get the base server next month before doing the upgrades.
  7. The latest update I had from hardware.com was they were due in on the 17th, even though the website says the 14th.
  8. schoondoggy

    Gen10 Plus Oddities

    Have you checked the BIOS to see if you see it there? What brcket did you use to mount it on?
  9. Al_Borges

    HP N54L rack conversion?

    Where else can you compliment someone on their "nice rack" these days
  10. nrf

    HP N54L rack conversion?

    you definitely belong in this forum!
  11. tinybilbo


    Thanks schoondoggy... I always get confused when looking for memory on eBay!
  12. I have an NVMe SSD on a card in the PCIe slot, 3x10TB Ironwolf in drive bays 0-2 and I inserted a 120GB SATA SSD in bay 3 but the MS doesn't see it. Nothing in device manager or disk manager. Server is 2019 Essentials. Any ideas? Does the MS somehow link the NVMe SSD with drive bay 3 and not allow it? SSD is fine, absolutely no problems with it in an external caddy
  13. panicos

    HP N54L rack conversion?

    Yes, i know and you are right. I was hoping there is a elegant solution for a conversion, in order to save some space in my rack and to arrange all the devices accordingly.
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  15. schoondoggy


    No it is not. That is registered memory. This server does not support registered memory.
  16. E3000

    SPP 10

  17. E3000

    Replacement PSU for MS Gen 8 (UK)

    Do these PSU upgrades require any modification or are they a straight swap for the default/stock PSU? Are there any effects to the fans etc?
  18. tinybilbo


    Would this be a suitable memory for this server? Thanks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/16GB-IBM-46W0796-46W0798-PC4-17000-DDR4-2133-ECC-Registered-CL15-DIMM-Memory/114055206210?epid=4014134914&hash=item1a8e385542:g:hBMAAOSwrcRd-kIS
  19. UKChris

    SPP 10

    Out of interest what is the max ram you can fit, I was always under the impression it was 16Gb
  20. schoondoggy

    HP N54L rack conversion?

    All of the Microservers use non-standard motherboards. It would require a good deal of customization to get it to fit a standard case. If the goal is to keep using the server and get it in a rack, I would just put it on a rack shelf.
  21. TomP

    Which backup app for Gen8 + Win 10

    Thanks Neal, I have used Paragon Hard Disk Manager for many years (which includes backup) and it was the first backup product I used. Originally it had a simple proprietary restore disk that worked fine, but then they moved to Win PE in later versions and even with their limited tech support, I was unable to get it working so that was when I moved to WHS2011. I have the latest V17 HDM and just tried to create a WinPE recovery disk and still could not get it to work, again with a lot of communication with tech support. The incremental backup process is basically the same as Acronis anyway
  22. Here2rock

    Replacement PSU for MS Gen 8 (UK)

    Will something like this work: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/seasonic-ss350m1u-350w-80-gold-mini-1u-apfc-power-supply-ac20551 Will I need to switch the cable plugs or just standard?
  23. Last week
  24. I need to install a NVIDIA base graphics card into the microserver to improve the performance or the AI system for blueiris. Is there anything recommended?
  25. callihan44

    WD Red 2-4-6TB drives could be SMR

    just heard the podcast about this, Im gonna have to check my drives in my 718+ 6TB reds mirrored though mine are probably over a year old but I admit they feel slow...I need more space and will probably replace them, and yes I purchased these thinking they would be superior to just any old off the shelf drive.
  26. Hi, My Gen8 powered down after a grid failure and is not starting up anymore. The power button light flashes green, the BIOS Light too and the fast are not spinning up. I tested the PSU and it is turning on and working properly. iLO is not showing anything unusual. No sign of burn or anything on the system board. Do you think my BIOS chip is damaged ? Is ther eany alternative on fixing it other than replacing the system board ? Thanks.
  27. Hello, I have an old n54L which has freenas on it and runs very well for ages and i plan to keep it for a longer period. The problem now is that all my other gear is mounted in a rack and the microserver case does not quite fit there so i would like to just take everything inside it and throw it in a rackable case (don't care if it is 2/3/4U, just to be short depth). Also the case should be designed for a NAS solution with disk caddies in front. Does anyone happen to have some suggestions about this?
  28. madpatrick

    SPP 10

    You can move over to a Linux server, if the costing is an issue. Often lighter than M$ and faster. There a lot of free options. I'm using for example ClearOS for years and is very stable with all packages you need. Also easy to install and maintain.
  29. sandwern

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Briefly about how to solve the problem with adjusting the fan speed...
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