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  2. Update: I recently uninstalled the HyperV-Role from my Server and now it shows 2 cores and 2 logical processors. We can therefore state that HyperV reduces the number of processors available to the host system. And this is displayed (actually correctly) in the task manager.
  3. Rishabh Bansal

    Amazon to buy Ring

    Yeah Amazon is a great platform where you can get good quality rings!
  4. I found a „solution“. I put the new RAM-sticks in and tried to boot/install Freenas instead of XPEnology. The Freenas installer booted immediately. After that I put my XPEnology boot stick back in and everything worked. Don‘t know why. I bought KVR16LE11L/8 RAM.
  5. Last week
  6. schoondoggy

    ECC RAM spec / supplier?

    The Gen10 ships with UDIMM ECC. If you want to add another 8GB UDIMM, I would open the server and get the part number for the UDIMM that is already in it and search for a matching part number.
  7. The spec for the N54l was 8GB, I know 16GB may work. Can you post a picture of the 8GB UDIMMs, front and back?
  8. Got the answer on other forum. " You can't access a drive from two different OS'ses simultaniously. If you change on one side, the other side does not recognize the update because it is not aware of the possibility, that someone else uses the same disk. This is why we have cluster aware Filesystems in environments, where multiple systems need to access shared data - or, they use NFS... You would need to unmount the drive on one side, then mount it again on the other side. Then the change should show up. They way you are doing it now - wont work. I would suggest you rethink your approach by using NFS exports, which would allow what you try to achieve. E.g. use the disk in system A, export the path via NFS and mount the NFS-export from system B. This can be Read-Write or Read-Only, depending on your need. "
  9. I can see several threads talking about non-ECC memory, but is the factory-fitted RAM ECC, what is the spec and where can I buy a second compatible 8GB in UK?
  10. Hi All. Need an advice. I am using the Proxmox. Tried to mount drivers directly to VM https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Physical_disk_to_kvm 1. Login to VM (OMV, Ubuntu) create a file on the mounted drive. 2. Login to Proxmox, check the same folder - file is not there. The same folder on VM and Proxmox. Vm doesn't have update_nextcloud.sh I was trying different type of Cache - no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks, Maksym
  11. Hi guys, I wanted to upgrade the RAM of my HP N54L. When I use the new RAM, the server does not boot (2x8GB ECC RAM KVR16LE11L/8 compatibility). If I use an old (4GB ECC) and one new RAM-Stick, everything boots normally. The HP startup screen shows only 4GB of RAM, but the BIOS recognizes the second new RAM-Stick correctly. Also the RAM is recognized in XPEnology. What else can I do, so that I can use 16GB ECC RAM?
  12. TomP

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Many thanks !!
  13. lionelhutz

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Nice. Probably won't upgrade straight away as I'm happy with my Gen 8 with Xeon, but it is nice to know there's an upgrade out there. I tuned out after they dropped iLO from the Gen10. It's one of my favourite features of the Gen8 and something that isn't easy to replicate with a homemade server. I'm a little disappointed there are only 4 drive bays, 6 would be awesome, but maybe with the reduced space there's room to stack some more. I have a feeling I'll resist this until I see it on sale at some point...
  14. As an update to this thread, I recently had an issue with my Hyper-V VMs refusing to shut down properly. The shut down process would hang and it would take 6-8 hours to restart the VM. I eventually tried unchecking the "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter" option, so that the VM had its own dedicated NIC. This immediately solved the issue, now my VMs restart in 30 seconds or so. Not sure why this worked though. Also be aware when you change this setting, the host will stop using the NIC and so you will likely get booted out of your remote session. I initially panicked, then waited a minute as my Gen8 re-identified itself to my network through the other NIC, and away we went. Or you can use iLO and avoid getting booted out in the first place.
  15. lionelhutz

    RAM issue

    Just a small update. After working fine for a year since my last post, my Gen8 showed the issue again after a reboot last weekend. I found this thread and resolved to follow my own advice! After first trying different RAM in different slots, I found that the issue was again with slot 2 only and the sticks of RAM were fine. I pulled the Xeon and reinstalled the original Celeron, and the system booted fine with RAM in both slots. So that seemed to narrow the issue to the Xeon. There was nothing obviously wrong with the Xeon, but I thought perhaps I saw some dullness on some of the contacts, so I cleaned both sides of the chip with thermal grease remover and purifier and reinstalled. It booted up straight away with both sticks of RAM. So problem solved again, hopefully this time it is permanent.
  16. pumek

    ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Links

    iLO 2.73 released https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_ba3437a6c8d843f39ab5cace06 UPGRADE REQUIREMENTS: OPTIONAL ***ATTENTION*** Note for ESXi users: If you are booted from the Embedded SD Card, it is strongly recommended that you reboot the server immediately after updating the iLO firmware. FIRMWARE DEPENDENCY: Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the following or greater versions of iLO utilities for best performance: - RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) 2.3 - HPQLOCFG v5.2 - Lights-Out XML Scripting Sample bundle 5.10.0 - HPONCFG Windows 5.3.0 - HPONCFG Linux 5.4.0 - LOCFG v5.10.0 - HPLOMIG 5.2.0 KNOWN ISSUES: - Fibre Channel Ports are displayed with degraded status if they are configured but not attached. FIXES: The following issues are resolved in this version: - Added fix for Embedded Remote Support in an IPv6-only environment. - Added fix for Embedded Remote Support data collection for systems with multiple Smart Array Controllers. Enhancements: - Suppress SNMP traps for NIC link up/link down events that occur during POST.
  17. schoondoggy

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    You will be able to install that BIOS. Normally, BIOS updates are only available if you have a warranty or service contract. The latest BIOS is available without a warranty or service contract because it has patches for Intel CPU security bugs. All other drivers and firmware are free to download.
  18. TomP

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    I managed to download from the link kindly provided by Noth, so did you mean to sayBIOS is the only item that does NOT need warranty or service contract? or does it mean I will not be able to install what I downloaded ? Thanks
  19. spawn

    GEN8 cannot recognize the new hard drive

    Hello! Problem solved: the harddrive I tried to install was faulty. The other drives (all 4tb reds) worked like a charm. @schoondoggy Thanks for trying to help! Greetings from Germany, Mike.
  20. schoondoggy

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    BIOS is the only item that requires a warranty or service contract to download. The latest BIOS is available to everyone as it has patches for CPU security flaws.
  21. Noth

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Latest BIOS here: https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_e9bfdf20809a426cb16ef9cd81 Drivers at the same site, not that changing the CPU requires a new driver.
  22. TomP

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Thanks. I do not have ILO and am out of warranty, so I thought I could not get updates, so how would I get the latest BIOS - and driver sof course?
  23. schoondoggy

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    The slot is PCIe Gen3 low-profile slot (PCIe x16) HPE references the E208i-p SR for the MS Gen10 Plus, under the Storage section: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/gethtml.aspx?docname=a00073554enw
  24. Noth

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Depends on your usage case, but the boost to 32Gb of RAM makes it worthwhile in my view, if you're running VMs. 4 core Xeon won't hurt either (E3-1265v2 users won't see so much of a difference I guess). It's not clear to me yet if a RAID card (are you using one in your Gen8?) is usuable in this small size case, but it should fit snugly in there. HPE aren't offering any cards in the options nor is one mentioned in the docs.
  25. JDFrench3

    Xeon CPU Cooler?

    I have a Windows Server 2016 Essentials Version 1607 (build14393.3504) on a Supermicro X8SIL motherboard in a Supermicro medium tower case. This has been my go-to house server for laptop backup, iTunes media server (movies and music), and Domain controller, for several years. I think you will not need a Notctua cooler for similar workload, the standard Xeon cooler should be enough. 1.87 gigahertz Intel Xeon L3426 Standard Xeon Cooler installed. Server Roles: Web Server (IIS) Active Directory Domain Services DNS Server Network Policy and Access Services Active Directory Certificate Services Remote Desktop Services Windows Deployment Services Remote Access File and Storage Services Windows Server Essentials Experience
  26. schoondoggy

    HP ML10 RAM

    They look like they are UDIMMS. In the bottom picture in the middle there is a location for an extra chip. That is where the register/latch chip would be on an RDIMM. If that spot is open on both sides of the DIMM, then it should be a UDIMM. The population map for DIMMs is on page 34: https://content.etilize.com/User-Manual/1033403284.pdf
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