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  2. Spongebob

    ESXi notes

    How did you update?
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  4. Hi Peter, The only way I could get the system to boot with the RAID card was to swap out the Xeon processor for the i3 the Gen8 originally came with. In the end, I preferred having the Xeon in there and so went with xpenology and its software RAID. In future I might switch to unRAID for something a bit more supported but for now it's been working a treat for at least 7 months.
  5. I believe you need to reset the BIOS using the hardware dip switches inside the server, although I can't remember the exact process and if it will affect the content already on the drives. If you already have a backup or the drives are empty then i would try doing this.
  6. Yeah I'd deffo go down the SSD route, but any other spare disk would do to prove the point of it being the drive or just a bad install.
  7. Sounds like a hardware fault. Could be the HDD. Trig0r's is a good idea ... ... but if it does turn out to be the disk then you would still be advised to switch up to an SSD. You need to download Windows on another comparable Windows PC (assuming the problem device no longer boots up at all) from here Download Windows 10 (microsoft.com) onto a USB drive.
  8. JackoUK

    Thunderbolt 4

    Most promising technology for me in CES 2021 were the Thunderbolt 4 items. High end laptops now coming with TB4 ports, two typically. TB4 itself looks a lot more flexible, apart from the speed boost. Intel's Maple Ridge (JHL8540) Thunderbolt 4 Controller Now Shipping (anandtech.com) - new Maple Ridge silicon likely to appear on Ryzen/Threadripper motherboards - more ports e.g. OWC's Thunderbolt 4 dock makes up for new laptops' lack of ports (msn.com) Time to ditch my 10 year old SAMSUNG laptop?
  9. Got another spare HDD? Grab a USB stick and download Windows 10 on it, stick the new/spare drive into the old machine and see if you can install it.
  10. She did have two AV's on her machine, one being a trial version of MalwareBytes. I've removed that, then rebooted it. It still hung on reboot, at the BIOS level with the Dell logo there. 😒
  11. One tactic you might consider .... ... try a small SSD in the old machine, cost say $30 ... ... and if that doesn't work buy a new machine with a HDD, then use the SSD in the new machine giving you an OS and application drive as well as the HDD for data. Another, if you go the Dell Outlet route, is to buy a business desktop, for then you will obtain Windows 10 Professional. Very quick pick from the UK Outlet Refurbished Business Laptops & 2-in-1 PCs: Dell Outlet | Dell UK
  12. bruno_rio021

    HP Proliant ML350p G8 Watercooling!

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking of completing the HD bays, completing the two bays that come empty. Does anyone know any place that sells cage (660351-001) at an affordable price? Converting from USD to BRL would be cheaper if I buy another server here, or sell mine. Ps: in time, did anyone make a mod to use the 18 discs? thanks
  13. I've fixed lots of old desktops and laptops which sound just like yours. It's usually: - a virus - a driver - 2 antivirus programs fighting each other - a decaying old disk Reinstalling Windows (10 presumably) on any old SSD and upping RAM from 2GB to 4GB (or 8GB) invariably sorts everything out. Even back to an early CORE 2 DUO 2006 vintage! It is relatively easy to prepare a DELL machine since it will have a service tag linking to all the necessary drivers on DELL's support website. I've also found that Windows 10 is generally very good a
  14. Hi Mitch, Very much the same as you, I have been using the default machine and have a few upgrades, one of which is the P222 which I just tried to fit. Did you resolve this as I have the same problem with bus errors reported on the two attached WD red drives in the drive array? Now if I go back to the onboard B120i I get a bus errors as well. I am using the following: System Rom J06 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30GHz I just did a BIOS reset and it seems to be worse ! Gone from a usable system to nothi
  15. kavejo

    ODD 2.5" HDD/SSD adaptor

    Thank you @schoondoggy and @E3000. I used to have 2 SSDs there, hooked to a P420 and connected via a SAS to 4-Sata cable. Though once I moved all the drives to the DL380 and repurposed the MicroServer I though to use it with a single SSD in the ODD bay and 4 SAS drives in the cage and though it would have been nice to have the SSD properly sat in place. Thank you both for the tips!
  16. E3000

    ODD 2.5" HDD/SSD adaptor

    I had one in the very early days of owning a Gen8 but unfortunately I can't remember anything about it. I got rid of it once i realised it wasn't necessary and took up too much room that could be used for additional SSDs. Unless you move the server around regularly its not a necessity to have the SSD nailed down IMO. YMMV
  17. I've checked, the BIOS is up to date. Also checked with my wife. When it hangs upon reboot or PC startup, it always hangs before Windows comes up. All it shows is Dell, which I take to mean it's still in the BIOS mode.
  18. I first boot into the bios and verify that all the memory and drives that should be present are recognized. also verify that the correct boot disk is selected. If this checks out, I boot into a USB stick using A light Linux distro, if it boots, check your original boot drive is readable - might be time to replace the hard drive from a hardware perspective, If I need to open the case, I will reseat every connection and test. next step would be to try a different power supply at some point, if its an arcane hardware failure, on a low end system its tim
  19. Very hard to predict were the issue is. If it hangs before the Windows screen comes up it is likely hardware. If it hangs with the Windows splash screen up it is likely software. I would confirm the desktop has the latest BIOS, if you have not updated it recently. Once the BIOS is up-to-date, I would run a Windows clean up utility, to clean up the Windows installation. I prefer Glary, https://www.glarysoft.com/. Be sure you have a good backup of this machine before you do any of these things.
  20. schoondoggy

    ODD 2.5" HDD/SSD adaptor

    The ODD on a MS Gen8 is 9.5mm. Also you will likely need to change your cables as this adapter will likely use a ODD SATA cable.
  21. My wife has an older Dell desktop. It has Windows 10 Home Edition. It's slow, which is reason for concern but by itself not terribly important. However, what is of concern is the PC will often hang upon reboot. We notice this during Update Tuesday when our machines reboot themselves overnight when Microsoft pushes out an update. I bring this up because Costco has a sale on a simple Dell Inspiron desktop. This coming weekend is a long weekend, which for me would be the perfect time to replace her desktop - if it should be replaced. The alternative, I think, would be to replace her HD with an SS
  22. Good morning everyone, Just out of curiosity, has anyone mounted one of these optical drive shaped 2.5" HHD/SSD adaptors? If so, could anyone suggest a link of one proven to work on the MicroServer? I can see there are practically a couple of types, either 9.5 or 12.7 millimetres tall, though they all seem to have the same shape. Which one is the correct height to fit the MicroServer slot? Also, the MicroServer has that retention lever on top, that is meant to keep the optical disk in place. Is there an adaptor that has a recess to allow for t
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  24. kavejo

    P420 SSD/HDD compatibility list

    I have been running P420 on all my 3 servers (MicroServer Gen.8, DL360e, DL380e). They work fine with almost all WD drives (Red, Red Pro, Purple) as well as Samsung SSDs (840 Evo, 840 Pro, 850 Pro). HP SAS drives work flawlessly as well. I only had problems with a WD Blue 1TB 2.5 HDD that made the fans go at full throttle. On my larger servers I have now moved to P822 as I needed to attach some storage shelves, the same drives listed above works with the P822 as well, which sadly, doesn't fit the MicroServer though. Let me know if you need the model number.
  25. netware5

    ***CRITICAL*** iLO 4 update available

    Nothing so far (since 26 December when I updated).
  26. E3000

    ***CRITICAL*** iLO 4 update available

    Thanks! Any side effects to these new patches?
  27. My modules arrived today, I installed them and enabled TPM in the BIOS of both hosts. As expected, Hyper-V shows the TPM module in device manager and I can enable Bitlocker but in ESXi 7.0.1 if I create a new VM, enable Virtualization Based Security and click Add Other Device then a TPM is not listed. When I have more time will look into this further.
  28. I had a TPM module but sold it as i received a very good offer at the time. I have not tried it but would be very interested in your findings.
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