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  2. I'm about to move my server from Win2012R2 to Win2016. I'm got to shut down the server, change the SSD I have in the DVD bay and using the Intel Provisioning (which I've just updated to the latest version). I've already downloaded all the latest HPE drivers (especially the graphics and storage array drivers) and have them on a USB ready (really hoping I don't need to do anything else than plug it in). I've already updated all the firmware to the latest via Win2012R2, so I think I'm ready to go, but.... I've got all the drive bays full with HDD's, configured into 3 RAID drives. Two stand-alone and two paired into mirrored drives. My question is... with the OS going on to the separate SSD, how do I keep my RAID drives? I've had problems before when reinstalling the OS of having to recreate the RAID drives and so losing their data (which I backed up but it takes an age to restore). I'd like to avoid the restore. Is there a way to tell the server during Intel Provision to use/see the existing RAID drives? When I get Win2016 installed, is there something else I need to do to get Windows to see the RAID drives? Sorry for the newbie type question, but I've search the forum and... honestly... I don't understand the answers previously provided. Many thanks in advance.
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  4. Icy dock makes a nice dual unit. ICY DOCK Dual Tool-Less Dual 2.5 to 3.5 HDD Drive Bay SSD Mounting Bracket Kit Adapter - EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GMGZBP0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_jeJWCb4GR8QHY
  5. Greetings. I just bought one P222 card. Before i used the custom build HPE VMware-ESXi-6.5.0-Update2-9298722-HPE-preGen9-650.U2. With the new controller i wanted to use the oficial ISO. Since the 6.7 is not supported by HP for the microserver G8. Now i'm using the following iso: VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.7.0.update02-13006603.x86_64.iso everything works as expected. 1GBps connection in data transfer with both controllers. Even the B120i works better than i expected. My question is, the B120i was detected as the following driver ( see pic attached ). Should be a problem in a future with corrupted data? At the moment the B120i is working with RAID0 ( 1 SSD ) and the P222 is working in RAID5 ( 4x3TB )
  6. pumek

    ESXi - SSH and Web UI slowness

    Check nic firmware version. Bios version. Ilo version. Check LAN cables Try connect both directly to switch Swap file is on sd card ? Diffrent SD cards?
  7. @schoondoggy Could you please start up a private conversation with @flipper and me? Thanks!!
  8. Also do not forget Custom charges as well (not sure about France but...) I am from the UK and bought some SDM R4s in Feb 2019, ended up having to pay an additional £26 (£12 flat + 20% total amount declared) for customs 😓...was not expecting that! Very useful though.
  9. PM sent to @flipper . I tried to include @schoondoggy but that wasn't working.
  10. It's $35 to ship in France when I checkout with PayPal
  11. @flipper @schoondoggy I would like to order two (or three if possible). I am in London, UK. Does that help with postage costs @flipper ? How much is packaging and freight to UK or France? Shall we take this discussion to a private conversation?
  12. borekon

    New N54L setup questions

    Did you flash any custom BIOS? Are all the RAM recognised with the default BIOS?
  13. seiburii

    ESXi notes

    @sorted currently I am experiencing slowness in the Web UI and SSH connection from one of my Gen8s in my setup ( I have now detailed my issues in a new topic so please look here for more info). @pumek if you could have a look as well I would be most grateful. In the meantime, I shall attempt to recreate the same setup for my non working Gen8 to see how that fares.
  14. Last week
  15. I have a 5 drive encloser that uses an esata port and I'm looking for a new controller card. My current card doesn't really support windows server and it drops the drives every now and then. Plus it will only supports 4 drives in the encloser. Anyone know of a card that they would recommend? I'm probably going to switch to Win10 as the server os since 2011 is getting old. The server has 6 drives internally and 3 more currently in the encloser. Thanks.,
  16. colinw

    Anyone using/used Non-HP RAID Card(s) in Gen8?

    Ok great thanks, I did edit my post above but I guess It has not updated yet. I've ordered the correct breakout cable from Amazon uk, I’m ok for power as I have a hyper-v ssd sitting on top at the moment on the ODD port which will go into one of the front bays in the end. so my OS ssd which is in bay 1 will sit on top and still be connected to bay 1 with the breakout cable. and then my four bays will connect to the card. all running at Sata 3 which is what I wanted to achieve. thanks for all your help with this I will bear in mind I might need to update the firmware if required.
  17. I can fit four in a box, same flat shipping rate. If there are others near you that want brackets you could split up the shipping cost.
  18. schoondoggy

    Anyone using/used Non-HP RAID Card(s) in Gen8?

    It is a 9211 so it should work fine, you may need to update the firmware on it. The ODD port does not run at 6Gbs. You would need to get a SFF-8087 breakout cable to use the first two ports on the onboard SATA controller to get 6Gbs ports, something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-SAS-SFF-8087-36Pin-to-4-SATA-7-PIN-HD-Splitter-Breakout-Cable-50cm-Blue/192035934122?epid=2019602001&hash=item2cb63bcfaa:g:vx4AAOSwvTpZ7ZA5 To power SSD in the ODD bay you will need a power adapter: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-pin-Floppy-FDD-to-SATA-Power-Converter-Adapter-Cable-Compatible-w-Dell-MX714/291754967836?epid=1331532083&hash=item43edf3831c:g:xW8AAOSwfcVUIGnk
  19. colinw

    Anyone using/used Non-HP RAID Card(s) in Gen8?

    Would this one be ok https://www.amazon.com/SAS9211-8I-8PORT-Int-Sata-Pcie/dp/B002RL8I7M/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=SAS9211-4i&qid=1556138958&s=gateway&sr=8-2 I know it’s USA but it’s Amazon and they can deliver to UK Also do I need one of these cables as well to run my ssd boot drive in the ODD bay at 6gb speed. https://www.amazon.co.uk/VanDeSaiL-Mini-SAS-Internal-SAS-Breakout/dp/B01HZFUNVS/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=Internal+Mini+SAS+to+SATA+Cable+(SFF-8087+to+SATA+Forward+Breakout)+1.6+Feet&qid=1556139914&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr0 thanks for your help.
  20. I wanted to order one but it's way too expensive to send to france! ☹️ Too bad I'm so far
  21. schoondoggy

    Anyone using/used Non-HP RAID Card(s) in Gen8?

    SAS9211 are a popular choice as well. Here is a list of all LSI based cards and their OEM variants, newer chipsets tend to be better: https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/lsi-raid-controller-and-hba-complete-listing-plus-oem-models.599/
  22. I have two Gen 8s, one of which I have been having problems with connection via SSH and Web UI, also the ping to it drops often. The trouble is both servers are connected much in the same manner, so I believe this to be a ESXi software related issue however I am open to any ideas on this (please see my current Network Diagram link for more info). Server 1 - not working - click here for ESXi configuration details CPU - E3-1265L V2 RAM - 16GB PCI-e: HPE Smart Array P420 + 1GB FBWC ESXi boot device: MicroSD (see configuration details section "[2.3]") Connection: Single Shared Port 1 (click to view iLO configuration) Problems: SSH - login connection is slow, readily times out without connection. SSH - When SSH login does work, freezes typically then times out. WebUI - Slow to login, at times requires refresh to actually show the resulting screen. WebUI - Slow/Freezes to access different navigation options - really hard to navigate at all WebUI - Slow to check Datastores and create new ones. Notes: iLO4 connection works correctly without issues. I can control Host using the ESXi Shell (via iLO and typing "Alt + F1") Server 2 - working - click here for ESXi configuration details CPU: E3-1220L RAM: 12GB (differing manufacturers) PCI-e: H220 HBA ESXi boot device: MicroSD (see configuration details section "[2.3]") Connection: Single Shared Port 1 (click to view iLO configuration) Problems: none found SSH works promptly and even continues to work if left for a duration of time iLO4 connection works without any issues. Example Ping Test - click here to view - https://ibin.co/4eTaCXbYZDIY Network setup 1 (desired/current) - https://ibin.co/4eoqHQe83V8o Network setup 2 (temporary to test Server1) - https://ibin.co/4eov6X9JbR61 ILO4 settings (for both Servers) - https://ibin.co/4eptFfLzZKP5 I am not sure exactly what the problem is with Server 1, but was wondering if anyone can suggest/help me with this. Other Related Questions : As my Powerline Adapter takes only 3 ports, I have to use one port for each of my Gen8s in Network Setup 1; Does using Shared ESXi/iLO port effect ESXi ping at all (although this does not occur on my Server2 - so I assume not)?
  23. colinw

    Drive performance varies from bay to bay

    Thanks just trying to find something locally in uk. 🙂
  24. colinw

    Anyone using/used Non-HP RAID Card(s) in Gen8?

    Thanks for the links, I am UK based and they both say may not ship to the UK. thanks for looking anyway, I am trying to find one nearer to home.
  25. schoondoggy

    Anyone using/used Non-HP RAID Card(s) in Gen8?

    These are US based: SAS9207-4i4e $29 https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAS9207-4I4E-LSI-6GB-S-8-PORTS-PCI-E-3-0-SAS-SATA-HOST-BUS-ADAPTER-LP/253937005699?epid=1342137380&hash=item3b1fd33483:g:oIcAAOSwPF9chG3U SAS9207-8i $54 https://www.ebay.com/itm/LSI-SAS-9207-8i-SATA-SAS-6Gb-s-PCI-E-3-0-Host-Bus-Adapter-IT-Mode-SAS9207-8i-US/123713611833?hash=item1ccde7e839:g:AC4AAOSwUvFcna9y
  26. schoondoggy

    LSI SAS9207-4i4e LP $29

    Nice HBA for MicroServers four internal and four external ports: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAS9207-4I4E-LSI-6GB-S-8-PORTS-PCI-E-3-0-SAS-SATA-HOST-BUS-ADAPTER-LP/253937005699?epid=1342137380&hash=item3b1fd33483:g:oIcAAOSwPF9chG3U
  27. schoondoggy

    Drive performance varies from bay to bay

    You could add a HBA like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAS9207-4I4E-LSI-6GB-S-8-PORTS-PCI-E-3-0-SAS-SATA-HOST-BUS-ADAPTER-LP/253937005699?epid=1342137380&hash=item3b1fd33483:g:oIcAAOSwPF9chG3U Connect the 4 front bays to the LSI would give you AHCI SATA 6Gbs. You could use the first two ports of the onboard SATA controller running at 6Gbs to run SSD's in the ODD bay.
  28. colinw

    Ahci to raid mode query

    Ok thanks for your reply. i might just stay in ahci mode now anyway, too much hard work.
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