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  4. JOHNgen8

    GEN8 : Memory (NON)-ECC

    Yes tried one stick, same things happens. CPU GT1610T
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  6. schoondoggy

    GEN8 : Memory (NON)-ECC

    Looks like they should work, UDIMM ECC. Have you tried a single module in the system to see if it boots with one?What CPU do you have?
  7. Jason

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B intoduced

    Awesome! Thanks. Just preordered one.
  8. JOHNgen8

    GEN8 : Memory (NON)-ECC

    Hynix 8GB 2Rx8 PC3L - 12800E- 11 -12-E3 HMT41GU7AFR8A -PB TO AD 1412 Eco tried adding a picture but won’t upload sorry link to where I got them https://m.ebay.ie/itm/For-hynix-8GB-DDR3-ECC-Unbuffered-UDIMM-PC3L-12800E-204PIN-1600MHz-Memory-/113771476400?varId=413926978183&txnId=1963661081001
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  10. Windows download link https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_71b9ad7e388d434fb62f7542e3 Entitlement is *not* required, despite what the page says. To update without booting from iso, or from OS, you can extract the CPQJ0613.684 file from the exe with 7-zip and upload it to the ILO firmware update page instead. A reboot is required to activate or display as the new version
  11. schoondoggy

    HPE Smart Array P430 and P440 controllers

    For drives if you are going to use RAID 5 or 6 your drives should support TLER. For RAID 1 or 10 any drive will work. The drive you listed above is a great drive, but for similar money you could get a 6TB WD Red.
  12. m48t04

    E3-1265L / PCI-e?

    Hi, So the TBS6902 arrived and installed in the Gen8 Microserver with Xeon E3-1260L, seen immediately in BIOS, and works with TBS open source drivers: [ 4.510705] TBSECP3 driver 0000:07:00.0: MAC address 00:22:ab:f1:29:de [ 4.510773] i2c i2c-1: Added multiplexed i2c bus 5 [ 4.510804] i2c i2c-1: Added multiplexed i2c bus 6 [ 4.618794] i2c i2c-6: av201x: Airoha Technology AV201x successfully attached [ 4.618799] TBSECP3 driver 0000:07:00.0: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (TurboSight TBS 6902 DVB-S/S2 )... [ 4.618862] dvbdev: DVB: registering new adapter (TBSECP3 DVB Adapter) [ 4.659789] [drm] Initialized mgag200 1.0.0 20110418 for 0000:01:00.1 on minor 0 [ 4.738315] TBSECP3 driver 0000:07:00.0: MAC address 00:22:ab:f1:29:df [ 4.738384] i2c i2c-0: Added multiplexed i2c bus 7 [ 4.738415] i2c i2c-0: Added multiplexed i2c bus 8 [ 4.844817] i2c i2c-8: av201x: Airoha Technology AV201x successfully attached [ 4.844821] TBSECP3 driver 0000:07:00.0: DVB: registering adapter 1 frontend 0 (TurboSight TBS 6902 DVB-S/S2 )... [ 4.844910] TBSECP3 driver 0000:07:00.0: TurboSight TBS 6902 DVB-S/S2 : PCI 0000:07:00.0, IRQ 36, MMIO 0xfbfc0000 Seems it's also a Xeon issue with pci 1.0a seen on the Dell T20: https://www.tbsdtv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=176&t=10001
  13. schoondoggy

    HPE Smart Array P430 and P440 controllers

    A little web searching on ML30 finds that some users run non-HPE drives get a warning light and message stating 'not authentic' HPE drive, others are not getting that message. It is a little tough to be certain, but it would appear AHCI is not giving the error and B140i is giving the error. Anyone running a ML30 Gen9 that can shed some light on this? Found it! I remember there was something about getting the right drive trays.
  14. RicoSalva

    T20 Setup

    I think its not wise money wise but if you need unraid then you need it. Thanks and Regards, RIco
  15. schoondoggy

    GEN8 : Memory (NON)-ECC

    What is the part number?
  16. JOHNgen8

    GEN8 : Memory (NON)-ECC

    Ram arrived this morning, keeps getting to 90% with Status Code 0114 and then loops, thought I had seen that it was being used by someone and fine. Anyone tell me something I've overlooked? thanks!
  17. PEte_79

    Win10Pro Hyper-V + graphics card

    Why not go with Server 2019 Core? Get a cheep lic from Ebay. Or you could use Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019, that's free.
  18. schoondoggy

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B intoduced

    Faster CPU Gigabit NIC Two 4k Micro HDMI ports 1GB or 2GB or 4GB of memory https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/
  19. Last week
  20. schoondoggy

    ML110 Gen9 i7 support

    The ML110 Gen9 requires ECC memory and supports registered memory, i7 CPU support neither of those functions. The BIOS of the ML110 Gen9 will be looking for those functions in the CPU. I doubt a i7 will work. Why would you want to swap the Xeon for a i7? A ML110 G9 would not be my first choice for a gaming platform, but it looks like you did well on the price. As the ML110 G9 supports registered memory you may have good luck finding used memory from IT department upgrades.
  21. Hi all! Welcome to my first post on the forum which I write from my fully upgraded Microserver Gen8: E3-1270v2, Noctua NH L9I (modified), 16GigRAM, Samsung SSD, Geforce 1030 and a USB powered mini speaker inside. All thanks to this great forum which I have been reading extensively the past weeks. While doing all the upgrades on the MS, I tumbled into the MVNe limitations of this box and after some searching I discovered the ML110 Gen9 which seems to be one of the lowest cost HP servers to support this (via PCIe and UEFI). I already ordered an ML110 Gen9 (140Euro) and E5-1620 V3 (for just 35Euro). Now for the gaming needs of my son I tried to figure out if this machine can support i7 cpu's but this seems to be a no go area. I know already that the mainboard chipset is Intel c610 which is the same as X99 but with more functions and the c610 only seems to support Xeon and the X99 is high end for only i7 cpu's. I would like to ask the available brainpower of the forum -in the area of cpu support for Proliants- for help, what do you think are my chances? Also it seems no one around tried to install an X99 supported i7 in this server, does anyone know more on trying this or maybe have the machine and i7 available to try? Any help/comments/thoughts are appreciated!
  22. schoondoggy

    HPE Smart Array P430 and P440 controllers

    The 3TB drives I used were HGST. I have run SATA and SAS drives from WD, Seagate, HGST and Toshiba, on HPE RAID controllers and as far as I recall I have never had a compatibility issue. If you have a HPE server with a HPE RAID controller and you use drives that are not HPE branded, HPE support will likely not help you if you have an issue. There may be system management tools from HPE that may not work properly with drives not HPE branded. I believe there have been reports on higher end servers running non HPE branded drives that the system gives a warning that you are using unsupported drives. I have mainly worked with Microservers and ML10 servers and I have not had issues. I will do a little research on ML30 and P440 to see if there have been any issues. What RAID are you planning to use, RAID1 or 10 or 5 or 6? What OS are you running?
  23. Ok thanks, but which ones? I ask because I was wondering about compatibility if I use regular enterprise HDD at 7200 RPMs. I've read that raid controllers only accept hpe HDDs which have their firmware. I was thinking on buying 4 of these for my ml30 gen9. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07D3YH466/ref=dp_ob_neva_mobile?th=1&psc=1 I'm just worried about compatibility. Regards.
  24. schoondoggy

    HPE Smart Array P430 and P440 controllers

    Four 3TB drives in the tests I ran. RAID5 and RAID10.
  25. Hi, thanks for the answer, which drives are you using with those raid controllers?
  26. schoondoggy

    HPE Smart Array P430 and P440 controllers

    I do not have a ML30, I worked with the cards on Nicroservers G8 and G10. Either should work in the ML30. You will have to pick the correct cabling to connect the P440 or P430 to your backplanes. The P440 can use the optional storage battery on the ML30, page 48: http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c04905980-3.pdf
  27. schoondoggy

    Proxmox LSI SAS card passthrough error

    Didn't you manage to do this kind of pass-through? I have on ESXi, I dont recall trying it on Proxmox. Have you posted this issue in the Proxmox forum?
  28. schoondoggy

    Flashing LSI SAS9211-8i card on HPMSG8?

    This is a thread to review on the NMI error issue with certain BIOS on LSI cards in the MS Gen8:
  29. Hi, I was wondering if you tried the P430 and P440 on your ml30 gen 9, and also if it worked with your WD 5 Tb drives. I wanted to buy the same parts for my ml30 gen 9. Regards...
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