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    I have started playing with mining and calculating cost versus profit. The most profitable mining I have found so far is SchoonCoin: These three cups were on my dresser and filled to the top with pocket change. I took them to a local grocery store with a CoinStar machine and walked out with an Amazon gift card for $285.63! Getting cash from a CoinStar machine will cost you 11.9%, gift cards are no charge. SchoonCoin has funded a new GTX 1060 for my daughters gaming computer.
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    Thinking about it, I thought you guys might like this: This is the main wall behind my father's test bench. I imagine he kept these discs here cause he used them a lot. If you look at the top you'll see his reset pin. And I only noticed when looking at this photo: notice the very bottom disc. Always planning ahead, my Dad. Oh, and yes, I did the drywall. I guess I forgive him for poking holes in it
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    You have got to stop posting these deals. I was perfectly fine using my individual remotes given I hardly ever watch TV, excluding college sports. Now you have me wanting to spend money for something that would be nice but definitely isn't needed.
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    Hi everyone. Since I'm posting in this topic, I presume everyone knows I'm not actually Ikon. I am the aforementioned son, the relative non-techie who inherited his father's gear, licences, emails, etc., etc., etc. Believe me, there's a lot of etc. My father passed in 2012. For the past few months I've been catching up with what he did online (which was a lot). I have to say, though, that this place was his favourite, by far. My wife and I would go over to my parents' for dinner, or have them over to our place, and he would usually mention something about this forum. He said it was the most respectful, informative, and helpful forum he knew of. He said members don't tolerate ego-maniacs who want to insult others' lack of technical knowledge, or trolls who only want to stir up trouble. He said everyone is always ready and willing to give a hand up to those who are maybe just getting started in a particular area of high tech, along with passing on great tips for, and by, gurus. It all sounded pretty good to me. So, I decided to drop by, now that I'm a little more up to speed, both with his history, and tech in general. First, don't anyone feel too badly about my father's passing. He was quite old. After all, I retired the same year he died Second, after reading a lot of emails, posts, and so on, I see that he kept his identity private. I'm not sure of all the reasons, but I'm going to respect his decision. So what can I tell you about him, since a few people seem to be (respectfully) curious? First, he was a veteran. He fought in WWII and Korea. He was awarded a special medal of thanks by South Korea (we have it mounted, along with other medals, in a glass fronted box on the wall at my mother's. He didn't talk about his military experiences much. I thought it was because he was like a lot of veterans: he didn't want to relive those memories. Later, when I received documents about his military career from the government, I was surprised to see so many redactions. It was then I realized that he didn't talk about a lot of things because he wasn't allowed to. That also helped explain many of my childhood memories. My father was often away from home, often for several months at a time, My mother was left to manage the household. While this is pretty normal for a military family, in our case it continued on even after he got his discharge. A couple of times I asked my mother where he went, but all she ever said was, "I don't ask, and he doesn't tell". More recently, she admitted she knew he was doing work for the government, but she still says she doesn't know what any of it was about. I don't think he was a spy or anything. After all, he was a techie. I suspect he was providing technical support to others. It was just that what the others were working on was not for public consumption Oh, and one other thing: there was a project I worked on that required me to get top secret clearance, although I'm not really sure why. In any case, everyone on the project was amazed at how quickly my clearance came through (less than a week). Thinking back, I suspect it wasn't a coincidence. He liked to golf. He wasn't terribly good at it (he never broke 90, as far as I know), but he liked to get outdoors for a few hours. His specialty was low, screaming drives off the tee. He would hit his drive and it would start out a couple of inches off the grass and gradually rise up to a few feet in the air before falling back. We called them dandelion cutters. He also loved cribbage and bridge, and crosswords; also jigsaw puzzles. He liked to do work around the house, but he was terrible at it. I was the one that had to rescue him, on many occasions. I recall one occasion when I found him cutting drywall with a circular saw! What a mess; dust everywhere. You should have seen the look on his face when I measured his next piece of drywall, scored it with a utility knife, then snapped the sheet and cut the backing paper His comment was, "OK, from now on YOU do the drywalling". My mother looked at me and mouthed, "Thankyou". My father was also cheap. I presume that comes from living through the depression. If there was something that was a buck or two cheaper than another one over there, he'd buy the cheaper one, even if it was crap quality compared to the more expensive one. The whole family teased him about it. Nevertheless, he was married to my mother for almost 70 years. They raised a family, bought and sold several houses as we moved around, kept us clothed, educated, and protected. He especially took care of my mother. In the year before he died, he did something quite out of character; at least to us: he bought a brand new car. He had always bought used cars, usually executive driven ones from a dealership. To buy a new one was quite odd. He told me he wanted to ensure my mother would have a reliable vehicle for when he was gone, hopefully lasting until she could no longer drive. Well, his wish came true. Recently, my mother turned the car over to my wife and me. We now drive her around to medical appointments, shopping, visiting, etc. That probably says all that really needs to be said about my father.
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    Hi everyone! I have the newest SPP here that was released 2017-11-07 https://cloud.nohatech.se/d/ccba3c44b7e440c68b29/ Password: 164FQYv6
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    Hi everyone! I have the newest SPP here that was released 2017-11-07 https://cloud.nohatech.se/d/ccba3c44b7e440c68b29/ Password: 164FQYv6
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    Dude. Thanks so much. I installed KB 2781272 but that did not exactly solve the issue. After that install, I could not even set up a backup for the XPS-13. The menu item was not even available. I tried removing the computer from the server and uninstalling the connector. Still nothing that let me even set up the backup in the menu. Then I found another thread in the forum about checking Windows update on the server. Sure enough, it found KB2934953 which made a .Net update. And that solved the problem. After removing the computer from the server and uninstalling/reinstalling the connector again, it started to work. I successfully backed up the XPS-13 and my older Win 10 systems are backing up successfully too. Again...thank you so much for your help! Hank
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    @rfs830 or anyone else who stumbles onto this thread... I've got a Dell T30 running with 2 Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSDs connected RAID 1 using the StarTech PEXSAT32 PCIe card. I changed SATA mode from RAID to AHCI and I changed boot mode from legacy to UEFI. Windows Server 2016 Essentials is installed and booting without issue.
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    I am starting this post to help others out a little bit with what I have been doing with my GTX 1060 card and mining. My card is a ASUS PH-GTX1060-3G that I bought off of Amazon for $215. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072172ZDK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is advertised with a based clock of 1506 Mhz. I loaded ASUS GPU Tweak II on my Windows 10 PC to adjust the GPU. Current I am using the following settings. GPU Bosst Clock (Mhz): maxed out at +170 (1878 Mhz) GPU voltage (%): +0 which is the stock setting Memory Clock (Mhz): +800 (8808 Mhz) Fan Speed (%): Auto Power Target (%): maxed out +16 (116%) GPU Temp Target (C): increased to +9 (92°C) Frame Rate Target (FPS): no change I have no idea if these settings are optimal or not. They are just what I have tried. My actual GPU temperature hovers right around 78-80°C and the fan is only running about 55% most of the time in auto mode. Power Target Status is running about 99% but will go up to 118% on occasion. I am running NiceHash and it selects which algorithm to run. My system power draw is right around 165-175 watts (depends again on the algorithm). The Dailey estimated earnings vary between about $0.80 for the low to an average around $1.00 to $1.30 and highs have been seen around $1.50 for short bursts. My system has been running now for about 14 days and has used ~58.4 kwh of energy at $0.1166 / kwh ($6.81 in electricity) to mine $15.57 of BTC. I am netting about 56% of my gross income from mining. Not a bad margin. Of course I still have to cover the cost of the video card. Your mileage may vary but this should give you an idea of what my system is doing. If you have suggestions for improving the hash rate by adjusting this GPU feel free to suggest changes.
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    Al_Borges, I think he was generally satisfied with his life. In the end, he was getting quite weak, so I think he figured there wasn't much point in going on anyway. Mind you, he did used to say, "I'd just like 5 more years", but he said that every 5 years
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    SSA is only needed if you have added a HPE RAID or HBA. The SATA controller for the Gen10 is Marvell based. It can be setup during boot or through the MSU: https://homeservershow.com/index.php?/topic/15478-Setting-up-RAID-with-MSU
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    Thanks for that ImTheTypeOfGuy. My father came from farming stock, so he believed in the value of hard work, honesty, and fair treatment. "Do what's right, and you'll be all right". I'm glad someone got some laughs from the 'drywall incident'. I can tell my mother was not highly impressed. She was still cleaning up dust a year later. That stuff really does get into everything.
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    Been on Project Fi for almost 2 years -- really like the service and price. Coverage all across the country has been excellent. Even my occasional trips into Canada What I like about it most is the low cost consistent pricing - I just don't worry about my cell coverage , regardless of where I am Been Trying to get my daughter on my project Fi "family plan" the holdup has been the availability of lower cost phones They discontinued the medium cost LG Nexus 5X phone and the only phones available have been the $700 plus Pixel phones Well, last month they announced the "Moto X4 Android One" phone available on Project FI and I just got it the past week. The 32 gig model was $400 bucks - about the same price as the LG Nexus 5x at launch. ( I really missed the boat when I didn't pick up extra 5X's when google was selling them for 199 bucks!!!) anyway - there are several project Fi users on the this forum and I thought I'd pass along my impressions Solid Phone - About the same size and feature set of the phone it replaces ( Nexus 5x) Plus's - Gorgeous OLED Screen Micro SD Capable - can use high speed cards as system memory or portable storage Dual Camera lenses - both a standard and a "wide" angle lens are built in. 3 gig of memory - runs fast and smooth. Minus's Front mounted Fingerprint Sensor. I really liked the rear mounted finger print sensor on my 5X. However after a couple of days use, I have gotten used to having the sensor on the front, but still believe that the rear mounted sensor is preferable Slick, slippery - the slightly curved, metallic body falls out of your hand or pocket effortlessly. I won't be using this with a protective, rubbery case. First phone I've ever considered getting a "protection plan" for. I know I will drop it Lack of accessories - You shouldn't expect the same ecosystem as the Iphone or Samsung phones - but at least the Nexus line had some support. Google doesn't even offer a case for it on its store. A handful of 3rd party accessories are available on Amazon. Anyway, if you where considering Project Fi, but didnt want to spend $700-$800 bucks or more on a phone - you now have something to consider.
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    The Gen 10 is now crippled and a former shadow of its previous self. Gen 8 is the best bet as has the most upgrade & flexibility.
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    I have not played with it yet. I will give it a go and see what happens.
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    I can't find anything suitable so far. Basically I want server CPU with ECC RAM, passive or very silent cooling for all components, remote administration (like iLO), at least 4 drive bays (more is better of course), expandable setup (buy cheap, buy parts as needed). Ideally as a ready to use server. And price should be around $300 for low-end model, I don't want to spend more. It seems that HP is the only interesting offer. I guess, microserver market just isn't very big.
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    a general recommendation - if people aren't sure they can wait to put their key in only after some time of playing. many products have 90 or 180 day trial versions as well. that's plenty of time for 'hands on testing'.
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    Yes, make sure there are backups, if not you have no protection, you are breaking the RAID (intentionally but none-the-less you are breaking it), not that a RAID array is a backup anyway
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    This is 22.83" deep and the bays are trayless, so you would need to use adapters for your 2.5" drives: http://www.istarusa.com/istarusa/products.php?model=DAGE312UTL-NAS#.Wgsd5iWpouU
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    Nope, no spares I have a backup/EoL regime that does not necessitate the keeping of old disk, and the new disks are all in use. I could move one of the 8TB disks into the device and I may do that. But as you pointed out the 12TB ones are cheap
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    It's weird, but kinda neat too, and since you made the video from individual photos, it will be easy to do. With regular video, like MP4, it can be difficult because not every frame is a key frame.
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    Greetings. Dave emailed me to ask if I would mind creating a new ID for myself; one separate from my father, Ikon. He suggested it could be Ikon related. Thinking on that, I figured Ikon-TNG seemed appropriate. My name is Gary. It's a pleasure to be part of a group such as this. My father was right: there are a lot of smart people here, and you seem to be good people... kind of a rare thing on the Internet from what I've seen.
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    Okaaaaayyyyy. Hmmmm. Thanks for the article, I think I had to read it about 3 times but, if I've got it right, I cannot connect my SATA SSD to a U.2 connector, even though the connectors look the same. Also, it sounds like these 'new' U.2 devices are waaaay fast. Is that about it?
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    Look at a Xeon D board/setup ITX, can be a similar size as a gen 8 and handle 128gb ram, 4-16 core cpu (it is soldered so buy what you need from start but for 2000 can have 8 core 16 thread with 128gb ram, an m.2 for boot etc. Paul has a lot of write ups on them at tinkertry.com based on VMware but would giv you an idea on what freenas could do for it.
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    I use Tweetcaster. I don't have to manage multiple accounts, but I know the ability is there.
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    I do like the ability to reply to messages on my Surface, thats useful.. As a side the Designer keyboard I was having issues with has been working on a different PC (Dell desktop) all day without any issues. My mouse continues to work as expected yet the Designer keyboard just doesnt seem to like the Pro...
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    Interesting security on the transfer too. I requested the transfer using a newly generated BTC address from BTC. Copied that to a text editor for verification later. There are some viruses in the wild that look for BTC wallets getting copied into clipboard then the bad guy replaces it with bad guys address. It's a long string of characters so most wouldn't notice the swap. Copy your address to a text editor and verify it! Put that BTC address in the Nicehash withdraw to initiate the transfer. It then asks you to check your email for verification. I'm thinking one of those simple click here kind of things but it used 2 factor in the verification as well. That was pretty cool. I'm using Google Authenticator as my 2 Factor so I generated a code, typed it in as well as the code they sent via email. Not a big deal really but I thought it was kind of cool. I guess I need to do that. That leads me to question the transfer rate. Is it the same? Mining to coinbase wallet vs. mining to nicehash wallet and transferring. Now I need to figure out how to use all my riches!!!
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    I am now trying to figure out how to get another card going too.
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    You guys are horrible getting me started on this! I've got a 1060 hammering away downstairs. Another card about to get up and running. Hopefully get that ROI soon and start a few dollars rolling in.
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    http://amzn.to/2xJZGv4 $148 Has a "microserver" look to it.
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    The B120i does not support RAID expansion. HP Smart Array controllers do support expansion. If you have the PCIe slot available you could add a P222 RAID controller, move your array to it and expand it. Otherwise you would need to setup a new array and restore from backup.
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    Why select the 1050? It will only make about 1/2 as much money mining per month as a 1060 but it isn't 1/2 the cost. Spend $60 more and double your mining capability.
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    I have installed SSA from Windows level and the Logic drive 2 is now visible. Thank you.
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    I just finished my first full month of mining with the ASUS GTX 1060 cards. Netted about $75 total using 2 card running almost full time. Used about $20 in power during that time as well. So net about $55. Cards costed $225 each. Takes about 10 months for them to pay off. About what I estimated in the beginning. The things I learned while doing this? Priceless!
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    Maybe https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/home/driverHome?sp4ts.oid=6525483&swLangOid=26&swEnvOid=4138
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    It's freaking huge. I don't know why i want it, I just want it. http://amzn.to/2gP5KiK
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    Do you all know StableBit? They have 3 awesome products. Do you remember Drive Extender for Windows Home Server? Think of that but 1,000 better and more reliable. I use DrivePool and swear by it. It will pool all your physical hard drives into one virtual drive and you can even duplicate that drive to another folder. It's amazing software. Then, use Scanner to keep a pulse on all your HDD's and CloudDrive to use cloud storage just like a local drive. DrivePool Scanner CloudDrive Check them out here - http://stablebit.com/resetpodcast I can't stress enough how good this software is. Install it on Windows and you have yourself a server. Listen to RESET Podcast for more on StableBit or click the banner on the top of the forums. A big thanks to StableBit for advertising in this community. Dave
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    I spend 30 minutes talking to the rep. I am glad to see Lowes making an effort to educate and sell home automation.
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    Here's some pics comparing the two, seems like very minor cosmetic changes to the outer case https://imgur.com/a/A5KHX
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    What’s the retail on that board? Yes, Atom also frightened me a bit too [emoji23]
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    Here are the initial benchmarks: https://www.servethehome.com/intel-atom-c3958-16-core-top-end-embedded-qat-linux-benchmarks-and-review/
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    And I'm asking for some specific suggestions here really, 'more cpu, ram' isn't really very helpful, but thanks. I use WD Red 6TB drives, and I've got 4x M9T 2TB ones internally in the Gen8. Just took some pics of my Gen8 setup here: https://imgur.com/a/bM3bm And some shots of the 'new' model (just some cosmetic changes it seems, minor, can't see any difference on the board at a glance but I didn't pull it out and compare. https://imgur.com/a/A5KHX
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    I went ahead and bought a whole new base unit, £170 with a £50 rebate, not bad, and it seems slightly updated/changed? The front panel has a different HP logo (some green) on it etc, noticed the psu cable plug is different too. Haven't opened it up yet because the drives aren't disconnecting anymore so I'm just leaving it be for now but I'll eventually move everything over to it. Thanks though! Percuissive maintenance is a thing!
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    Here is the newest SPP that was realeased at September 2017. https://nohatech.se/f/0fb8b23e9a014f439f8a/ Password: SweclockersHPe
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    What are you looking at doing? If you are simply storing data get the ARM processor. If you want to stream and do more with it get a beefier Intel. Same as a server, more is better! The 918 looks good. Four bays, expandable. RAM expandable too.
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    i own two copies of Drive Pool and two of scanner. WHS 2011 and Windows 10. Flawless. Reliable. Recommended.
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    Unfortunately that's normal, although my USB-C MacBook Pro when utilising a 3.0 or 3.1 (USB C or that stupid micro connector) boots reasonably fast but only when utilising good quality cables
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    Yes, Apple used a proprietary type of SSD, it has the same form factor as a normal M.2 style but different pinouts or an extra chip or something, Pitty you are not in Australia, I have the external enclosures sitting in my bag of tricks I could loan you.
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    I thought you guys were crazy, but Apple did use a proprietary SSD in the early MAC Pro gray cylinders: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_pro/mac-pro-cylinder-faq/how-to-upgrade-mac-pro-cylinder-ssd-storage.html Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk