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    • Synology recently announced a beta for an awesome looking photo organizer.  Moments.  Moments manages your photos in an innovative way, where an image-recognition technique identifies the people, subjects, and places in your pictures and sorts them automatically, allowing you to instantly browse, search, and share your precious moments.
      Join the beta here.  Stay tuned for more information and a good look at this beta.  I've got a DS218+ waiting to be unboxed and this would be the perfect box to test Moments with!

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    • Well I am batting .500
      This seemed like a good idea, mSATA slot and one SATA port, but it is too tall:

      This one just barely fit:

      Two mSATA SSD. I am running Windows 10 from one of the SSD.
      As both of these use x1 PCIe two SSD's would saturate the bus, but it does free up a SATA port.
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    •  The official Meetup 17 Time Lapse
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    • Amazon announced a new Echo is headed our way. It's smaller, sounds better, does multi-room audio, and is only $99. Amazon announces the Echo Spot alarm clock with 2.5" screen.
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    • It seems like forever since I've given you an update.  Permits for the structure took way longer than expected but it is now underway.
      Drone footage needed now!