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  2. Connect Any Wired Alarm System to SmartThings

    Their site has some good documents as well: https://docs.konnected.io/security-alarm-system/faq/backup-battery-and-wifi/
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  4. I think it does support MicroATX, the link here seems to suggest so.. http://www.ablecom.com/product/?fPath=11&recordId=12 Most of the other supermicro/Ablecom stuff supports at least ATX and MicroATX, although generally only MiniITX on the 1U and speciality chassis. Apparently the CS-R25/26 supports all three! I'm not sure about availability though - thats something you'd have to look into. I moaned at my supermicro partner here in the UK beacusenot readily available, but some places did have stock for a while. The enclosure would work fine, but I work in the storage industry (post production/M&E) and have one eye on up/coming comsumer technology. Generally the U-NAS stuff is fine for home use, but the one I had to look at felt pretty cheap. Finally there was a solution from Brontastor that looked pretty neat, but I don't know where/if you can get those now... http://www.brontastor.com
  5. HP SPP 4.2016 ISO Download Link

    ISO uploaded, should be fine / non corrupted but let me know if there's any issues with it.
  6. HP SPP 4.2016 ISO Download Link

    Uploaded a mirror here: atomicrhino.net/upload/P03093_001_spp-Gen8.1-SPPGen81.4.iso (will be fully uploaded 45mins after this post) feel free to add to the original post. no download limits on it or anything. After flashing the ISO, it installs the latest BIOS at the same time right? Just checked the iLO, says System ROM J06 11/02/2015 So I guess that's it?
  7. HP SPP 4.2016 ISO Download Link

    Many thanks, much appreciated. Just as an FYI, this ISO image is about 5.5Gb - for the Gen 8 Microserver only the last BIOS is in there - and it's 2.1Mb setup file !! The BIOS for flashing from iLO is about 4Mb. It's the J06 (they all seem to be called that) but dated "11.02.2015". Don't know if that is November or February. Thanks HP . If you could, you would be being paid for the data downloaded I'm sure :-) The smallest I can zip it to is just over the 1Mb file attachment limit.... So I split it into 2 files with 7 Zip.... But I cannot upload as it fails to attach even if I rename to an allowed file format.
  8. Gen 8 issues after bad weather

    I understand I'm not the techiest guy, but I don't understand how it's ever too late to install a UPS. Sure, it can't help damage caused by a previous electrical event, but it can help with future ones. To me, having equipment damaged by lightning would be a huge incentive to get protection for any replacement devices. I'm also aware that even a UPS can't stop absolutely every electrical event. If a lightning bolt directly strikes a power line close to a house, the surge will likely be strong enough to leap across any air gaps or blocks that a UPS can provide and continue on down to devices attached to the UPS. But, from what I've read, that's a very, very low percentage possibility.
  9. HP SPP 4.2016 ISO Download Link

    Thanks updated both my gen8's today.
  10. that really depends. A new backup may fix the issue. But it may just dump most of the database.
  11. Identify Device

    Identifying the device for what?
  12. Burstcoin etc

    Has anyone on here looked at using hard drives for mining? Given I have a box full of drives I'm not using perhaps these could be added to my mining pool..
  13. Patreon

    if your post is any indication of the quality of your writers I will run right over there!
  14. HP SPP 4.2016 ISO Download Link

    Yes, This conatins everything that you need and with this you wil lget your gen8 up to date
  15. Not sure with CentOS and i have not dabbled with REHL since i started with ESX (no i) which was a cut-down version of RHEL. for RHEL could you not use the driver from ESXi now? if I'm way off the mark, just put me back in my box.
  16. HP Microserver Gen8 Processor FAQ

    Yes, the default password is different for each server. it's located on the paper tag attached to the server. nice guide btw.
  17. refurb https://electronics.woot.com/offers/arlo-by-netgear-security-system-w-4-hd-cameras
  18. Gen 8 issues after bad weather

    Thank you for the advice... but it’s a bit late now lol. So, both switches on the network is working perfectky fine, tested all ports etc and working well. There Ilo port light on the gen 8 is on and blinking etc, but I cannot pick it up at all. Not vie DHCP nor with angry io scanner. What is the default IP range of these Gen 8’s?
  19. Upgrade drive size inplace without loosing data

    LOL, I can well believe it I don't know if he ever mentioned it, but he learned that lesson the hard way. I can still recall how pissed he was when a RAID card failed. I may not have understood the details, but I understood very well the loss of data, and that a RAID card was to blame. From then on, he beefed up his backup to what it became when I inherited it. He said that, really, he was to blame, by relying on a piece of hardware to do something it really wasn't designed to do. And, it seems to me, it's probably a good lesson for others to learn from.
  20. probably a naive question, but

    I have been wondering why you did that. Also, are you going to add a co-host or keep it a solo act.
  21. Upgrade drive size inplace without loosing data

    He was professor no-raid when it comes to backups.
  22. Connect Any Wired Alarm System to SmartThings

    That looks very good. I thought it would be much more than I am willing to pay due to having 25 zones. I was shocked how affordable it is. I have two years on my Vivint contract so I need to decide if I buy in now or wait until Vivint expires.
  23. wow lots to digest here. Schoon your setup recommendation is very creative and one that I had never thought of. I really wanted to keep everything in one case but its becoming clear this may not be possible with the rack I have. After looking at ur suggestion I found a Norco storage case that I like though a bit more expensive then your recommendation, It includes everything needed so I don't have to build my own with Icy Dock components. This is the case, What do you think? @scruffters, I agree with schoon nice find. I got all excited about this Ablecom CR-R26 case till I was reading the specs, It looks like it only supports ATX motherboards and I have a MicroATX. Can you confirm it will support my motherboard? Also I don't see it offerd in the US, Can you confirm it's sold in the US?? I would purchase this case in a heart beat if you can confirm the above. I really want to build everything into a single case to eliminate a failure point on my build. @scruffters, Whats wrong with the U-NAS cases? What are you doing that these cases would not handle? I would use the U-NAS cases in a heart beat if I was not trying to build a rack mount solution. Thanks again to everyone that has taking the time to try and help
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  25. HP Microserver Gen8 Processor FAQ

    iLO won't work with any device or app unless the iLO server network port on your Gen 8 or Gen 10 is plugged into you network and accessible (i.e. picks up an IP address etc). Then you need your iLO IP address Stu - usually that would be an ipv4 of the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but it depends on your set up. Easiest could be: 1) Plug your iLO port into your router via Cat 5 cable (assumes your server is close enough - maybe could use a home plug). 2) to log into your router and look at the MAC addresses of connected cabled devices. Try to find the iLO "device". It could look like "ILOCZxxxxxxx". 3) Use that IP address and type it into a browser e.g It might complain that the certificate is in valid (it's HTTPS). 4) The HP iLO splash screen should show and you can log in. Once you get to iLO you will be very pleased. I forget what the default username / password is - google that but as someone said, there should be a tag on the case.
  26. Where to go from the Gen8?

    I have not seen any ship yet, but keep in mind it will be an expensive board.
  27. Looks like an interesting Kickstarter:
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