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  2. Hi, Also don't know what SSL certificate to choose. I will try to continue to investigate from my end. If you have any updates, please inform. Anyone else knows how to fix this issue? This problem of @zeus163 seems exact equal to mine.
  3. curiously the 'specs' tab says 4gb ram
  4. So, I was following the link you posted and I'm not sure if I'm doing it properly either. At the steps below is where I'm not quite sure: 2. In the Certificates snap-in console, in the console tree, expand Certificates (Local Computer), expand Personal, and then navigate to the SSL certificate for the TS Gateway server. 3. Right-click the certificate, point to All Tasks, and then click Manage Private Keys. Under Personal I show five certificates. I'm not sure which of those would be considered the SSL certificate. However, in the next step when I right click on each of them, only three of them allow the option for, "All Tasks". I'm not sure which of those three I should select. In any case, it sounds like rhbkweb and I are at least experiencing some of the same woes.
  5. Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 3.3GHz Quad-Core 8GB DDR4 1TB SATA DVDRW
  6. I also have the same error Event ID in Server Manager > Remote Services. I have not tried the fix you linked for it yet. I also have not discovered a fix for the Remote Desktop Services message in Windows Health. I did stumble across this though: Remote Desktop Services Not Configured Correctly. In that post, the user links to here: Configure the RDP Gateway SSL. I don't know if that is my issue, but I do know that when I go to Remote Desktop Gateway Manager that I have not Certificate installed.I have three certificates I could select from, but I'm not sure which one I would select (if that is the issue). Then I read here: Remote Desktop Services Not Configured Correctly--Technet that: Please note that RD Session Host is not supported on Essentials. "You need Window Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter for RDSH, plus RDS and Windows Server CALs." But I don't know if that is applicable for this issue. I'm just trying to resolve the error message in health. I'm hoping that somebody can help these.
  7. Also just noticed that after showing the Remote Desktop error, if I go to Server Manager > Remote Services section it shows the error Event ID 103 as described at: I have tried to follow that instructions, but did not work... any way I'm not sure if I done it properly. Anyone knows how to resolve this? Thanks
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  9. I have had good luck with the LED bulbs from IKEA. Used mostly there bulbs when we built the new house approx. 3 years ago and have only had one bulb fail. That one was in a kitchen light fixture that is on the most of any of them.
  10. Hi, Made today a new and fresh installation of Windows Server 2016 Essentials and I'm having the exact same problem. di you already find the solution? Anyone else that has happen this and knows how to fix? Thanks
  11. Hotel booked, let us know when you get the page up to make reservations for the meetup.
  12. Since I had some hardware changes I wanted to make to my existing Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, I decided to install WS2016E after making all those changes. However, I seem to be having some issues that I don't seem to be capable of solving. At this point, I'm kind of considering blowing up this install and moving back to 2012 or something entirely different--but first I thought I'd ask for help. This machine is mostly used for Plex/Subsonic and daily back-ups of my computers. I don't do anything special with it nor do I know how to completely unleash 1/10 of its potential. But I'm hoping for help with these two issues the most. My two biggest issues right now are: 1--Remote Desktop Services is not configured correctly although ports 80 and 443 are forwarded correctly on the router (and work on yougetsignal). Remote web access works through my Microsoft created site as well. The full error message in health reports is: Remote Desktop Services is not configured correctly. You must configure Remote Desktop Services to remotely connect to computers in your network. I'm not sure what to do on this one. 2--Subsonic issues basically with Reverse Proxy--I haven't installed Madsonic to see if I'm getting the same issues, but after I installed Subsonic (War version following Drashna's old guide--Stream Music to your Mobile with Subsonic Music Server) I went to set up the reverse proxy following his other guide--Enhance Remote Access With a Reverse Proxy. The first problem I had here is I couldn't install the Application Request Routing. I kept getting an error about, " iis version 7.0 or greater is required to install Web Farm Framework 2.2." After some searching, I came up with this site and followed the steps to edit the registry: Reg Fix for AAR. So, finally I add the reverse proxy and I can access Subsonic through the reverse proxy, but only the login page. When I click login for a user, nothing happens and I stay at the login page--like a loop is going on. Another interesting piece of information, is that years ago Drashna helped me with the guide specifically the part in the action rewrite for {R,1}. I had to use {R,0} on WS2012. For WS2016E, I had to use {R,1}. Which struck me as odd, but honestly, I'm not sure what each switch does! Since I'm off for the summer, not having Subsonic working right now isn't terrible, but when the school year starts I'm hoping to have it in place. In any case, I'm hoping for some assistance on this and thought I'd ask here. So far, my googlefu searches aren't leading me in the right direction.
  13. if you like red hat distributions there is 'centos' that is pretty much equivalent. shop around, though. lots to like out there. best bet for loading these days is a 'little' usb key, 8gb should do. if you want to try a windows server os you can get 180 day evals from microsoft, should let you at least check out the hardware and welcome to the home server world!
  14. Hi Everyone, So my current setup is using the SATA ODD port for my boot drive using the B120i on my SSD as a RAID0, but what I want to know is, is it possible to use all 5 ports (4 bays and the ODD port) while not using the b20i raid controller? IF NOT if I raid0 my two 4TB WD Reds as seperate drives i.e RAID0 DISK 1 RAID0 DISK 2 will this allow me to take out say disk one plug it in another machine and using the data on that specific drive? Many Thanks.
  15. Good Morning... A friend of mine sent me a HP Microserver. And other than booting it up and seeing all 4 Hard Drives. I'm new to servers that haven't been setup. Most of the servers that I have ever used where for a large company. And from the looks of it, it doesn't work like a regular Desk Top at all. And I have looked at Free OS's to put on it. But again, the server doesn't see the CD Rom so nothing loads. Now yesterday I changed out on of the drives with a HD that has Windows 7 Pro 64 on it. And the server see's it. But it can't get past the startup. Granted that drive came out of a Dell Tower I have. Which I was doing my Broadcasts from. I changed the drives in the dell for a 1TB drive. As I have allot of music. Now what I was thinking was using this server to run like a BBS on and store Music Files for the Station I broadcast on. Maybe I am asking to much of the Server. And I don't have to skills needed to set all this up. Maybe I can in the future. But as of right now I just want to get this server up and running to get used to what is needed to get going in the direction I'm wanting to go. I'm sure if it was easy everyone would have a server. I've used Linux in the past. But Red Hat went into business. ANd is no longer a Free Server OS. So if I could get some kind of direction. Thanks Don aka Echo
  16. I ended up bringing my Gen8 into work as a VM stopgap while I'm getting the hardware for the new unit we have here so didnt get past the initial installer wizard...
  17. Looks interesting! I'll have some time to play with it in Aug/Sep. A Synology hardware failure has taken up far too much of my time the last few weeks...
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  19. Xeon E3-1265L v2 Will do the trick.
  20. How are you guys doing on this? I installed it on hyper-v to try it out, it does not seem to have any storage configuration whatsoever past installation. Marketplace has "Software Raid Monitor" and "Flexshare", but none of them give access to the harddrive/volumes config. Slick looking interface though :-) During installation there are tons of options for creating volumes of all kinds, EXT4, ZFS, BTRFS, Linux Software RAID and more.
  21. Added a P222 and connected the mini SAS cable of the drive cage to it. I created a RAID 5 volume and it runs stable this time. Temps on PCI1 are rather high though, about 75 C, s I'm gonna add a fan to the heatsink of the P222. Just need a way to power the fan.
  22. I'm sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I'm having the exact same issue! And it seems to happen more and more frequently. It started a couple of days ago with the fans speeding up maybe one or two times a day. Now it's happening almost every 2 minutes. Did you discover the reason for this? Did you find any solution?
  23. New 13.3" Full-HD 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop Full-HD 100 Touchscreen Intel Core i3-6006U 2.0GHz Dual-Core 4GB DDR4 (16GB max) 128GB Solid State Drive 802.11ac Bluetooth Win10Pro
  24. Installed a IL04 30 day licence, and what a difference, I think all is updated. I get the feeling the HP make it very difficult to keep your server up to-date, unless you pay for a licence, very poor customer service. I have a firmware date of 23/9/16 but the bios is still showing rom J06 11/2/15. Does this look right to you? Thanks again.
  25. Thanks! But it is a little bit expensive
  26. Regarding backups, all external drives will be dedicated as backup drives, and will not be visible in file explorer. Setting up a backup task is very simple after adding a external drive, and selecting what to backup. Or just create a task in Task Scheduler with e.g. robocopy and backup via the network to another location. Your Celeron with a couple of disks on the internal hardware should be more than fast enough for your music usage. Even for video streaming etc. it will work just fine., rob
  27. A link maybe?
  28. These are out incase people didnt notice iLO 2.54 Jun 15 2017 Intelligent Provisioning 1.64.1
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