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  3. That's good to know. Thanks for testing that one out.
  4. GT 1030 on Gen8

    I have hp microserver n54l. I bought gigabyte low profile 2g card, it turned my microserver into a beast. It can play any video I throw at it with max gpu utilization of 30 percent. Everyone who uses microserver to watch movies should have. It replaced ATI 5450, and the difference is light and day.
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  6. Nicehash BTC Transfer to Coinbase is Free. And instant! That was nice. So now to transfer it to GDAX and then to Binance. Nothing like jumping through hoops!
  7. Was it FOSCAM IP Camera you mentioned?

    Thanks Dave! I know you are swamped getting dug out from CES (maybe some actual snow too?) so appreciate you finding what you have. I agree - unclear if it actually will support ONVIF. The support of NAS storage systems could simply be via FTP or SMB/CIFS. The generic firmware inside almost all cameras (and many OEM models are Foscam internally) has an FTP uploader so they could "claim" NAS support just by having that. I would suspect, unfortunately, they don't have ONVIF. I would think if they had it, they would certainly want to highlight that feature as a key advantage over competitors. Nonetheless, the price point is good and the products looks very interesting.
  8. Hmm.. Sinology packages do not seem so different from OpenWRT / LEDE / Gargoyle packages. I updated the firmware of my router and now is more stable with the EXT4 partition. Gonna try Transmission torrent again but up to now it seems doing the job just fine, it is not the fastest thing, going 2,5-3MB for second but for torrent files it should be okay. I have the router blocking ADS at the moment and it's doing good. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/MTK-MT7623-Enterprise-Router-LTE-4G_60670744318.html This may be the device for the extra jobs. It has SATA AND USB 3.0, quad core something so it could do a little more.
  9. Project fi just made a huge announcement about data plans. On fi, you can roam from T-Moble, to Sprint, to, US Cellular. Your fi phone will choose the best network in the location you are currently in. This comes at a cost of $10 per Gigabyte of data usage. Heavy data users don't find this a very cost efficient plan but if you sip your dat wisely it can pay off month to month. Fi will also reimburse you funds if you go over 1Gb and don't use the full Gb before the end of the plan. It's a good deal. Now, anything over 6Gb is essentially free meaning, Project fi Unlimited Plan for $80. It's called Bill Protection. And technically, it's not unlimted. Great! Now I can put my whole family on the plan and suck down some wicked data! Not so fast. This whole thing really just brings fi in line with the rest of the carriers. It's nice to see it though. What do you pay? Interested in fi? You can sign up without many obligations. It's a month to month service. https://g.co/fi/r/9WX36D - Use this link for a $20 service credit on your account.
  10. Erm, pretty sure it was always the 31st, I don't remember it being anything else at least...
  11. The Nicehash old balance reimbursement date has moved to "before" Jan 31, 2018. It was at January 18th. What do you think? They say they will reimburse your old balance? Believe them? I wonder what else will change when this announcement is made? I'm personally mining back at NH and getting good rates and will look for any news that would push me elsewhere. I hope that "alt" coin mining and/or transfer will also be announced at this time.
  12. Interesting concept but at the end of the day all endpoints should have there own security installed. Thinking about all our devices that ROAM off-network.... I do like the fact that it sounds like it allows us to have central management for all our devices.
  13. I totally agree with whats already been said and want to add, The "router" is a major component of your network and as such it really should not be doing any other job other then its intended purpose. The router already has enough to do with giving you the gateway to the internet and keeping your internal network as secure as possible. IF your determin to have your router do double duty and provide you with some NAS functions may I introduce you to the Synology RT2600AC Wi-Fi AC 2600 Gigabit router, This comes from the great makers of Synology NAS and as such they have some nice packages for it. As nice as those packages are I would not make my router do NAS like functions. Hope this helps.....
  14. Looking for NVIDIA GTX 1050

    I use this site as a reference sometimes. http://monerobenchmarks.info/ Looks like the 390 is pretty decent if not above the 1060. I only know what to look for with XMR-STAK miner though. This site will have multiple postings with the card on different OS's and miners. If you could get one for that low end price range I would go for it. Would be fun to test it out. Also, with the Radeon cards there are more avenues to improve its hash rate. They have specific blockchain drivers for these cards as well as bios mods that increase its hashing power. I'm intrigued by these beasts as I've only ever ran NVIDIA.
  15. Looking for NVIDIA GTX 1050

    Perhaps another angle on this, used last generation cards. GTX 980 seem to be hard to find. I have found AMD R9 390 cards $180-250, which puts them in GTX 1060 price range. Need to compare mining and power to see if it is a good deal or not.
  16. Looking for NVIDIA GTX 1050

    I wish I would have picked one of these up when you posted it. Seems there are some mods and tweaks you can do to it in order to beef up its hash power. Would have been fun to play with.
  17. start your retirement plans now
  18. I might have 15 coins by then lol
  19. Was it FOSCAM IP Camera you mentioned?

    I can't find anything in my book about Foscam. It is all in the podcast though. http://reset.fm/40 @ 17:00:00 mark. I have some photos though. If you listen to the podcast I asked if it would be able to be addressed via a NAS and he said yes. I still don't know if I believe him! Up to 8 Cameras Cloud storage free up to 1 Gb NAS? Synology and QNAP. Why I didn't ask "ONVIF?" I don't know! I would still like this clarified Battery 6 to 9 months regular use. Lots of traffic, not that long. You can recharge camera as a whole or swap the battery out with a spare. Release soon? $169 to $179 for hub and camera. It's hard to see in this photo but the back has Power, On/Off switch, USB Port, Reset pinhole, and Lan Port.
  20. I have heard them say by this spring.
  21. I've not got much in JSE, just whats mined in one browser. What sort of time scales are there for putting it on exchanges?
  22. HP SPP 4.2016 ISO Download Link

    What is the latest SPP for gen8? There are a lot of new links, but I understand it's not for Microserver gen8 (obsolete). I have the latest BIOS and ILO (2.54)
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  24. Was it FOSCAM IP Camera you mentioned?

    I have the deets and will dig them out. Everything is still packed up. I think i have it all written down somewhere.
  25. Synology announces Moments Photo Organizer

    IOS sorts like that as well and has for a while
  26. Goodbye to Windows 10 as a Homeserver

    I need about 12 t o15 TB's of data due to all the duplication of data I set up. Today I am using RAID for backing up my data. Well I guess it would be more appropriate to say I am using RAID to store my data. I use WHS v1 for my file server. I duplicate the important data on it and copy all of my data to a RAID array on my s2008r2 box. To date I have never put any critical VM's on the s2008r2 box. I use it primarily for testing but may use for unRAID or xpenology in the future. I have been testing with W7 and W10 with DrivePool. I like the product but I really want separate shares for each user and with security. Unless I am overlooking it, that doesn't exist. I also use CrashPlan for my offsite backup. Yes s2008r2 isn't going anywhere so I continue to use it. I am just trying to plan for my next hardware/software options. I didn't know about DSM having a VM Manager. I will have to investigate that. Before reading these latest posts, I have been leaning towards replacing my WHS v1 with the synology 1817+. Yes it is much larger than I need but it is only about $150 more than the 5 bay version. I also thought I could try xpenology and/or unRAID on the whs v1 box or I may purchase the Lenovo x3550 M4 storage server. Many have suggested ESXi so I may try it as well. So many options, which are complicating my decisions, and I don't have time for them. But I appreciate everyone's contribution to the discussion.
  27. Synology announces Moments Photo Organizer

    Wow, talk about stealing from others. Googles sorting, facebooks name, and similar logo to facebooks.
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