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Dell T7400 memory help needed


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Need help with Dell T7400 memory configuration.  I have this workstation running smoothly on 12GB of RAM (4x1GB in one bank, 4x2GB in the other).  I was running close to using all the memory, so I purchased 4 new 4GB sticks.  If I put them all in the same bank, the machine refuses to post and gives me the 3 and 4 diagnostic lights.  If I remove one, it posts with 8GB of RAM visible.  I have tried booting with each individual stick on slot one, and they all work.  I have tried different combinations to eliminate a specific ram slot from being bad.  No matter where they are, as soon as I insert the 4th stick of 4GB ram, it does not post.  Right now it is working with 2x4GB in slots 1 and 2, 2x1GB in slots 3 and 4, and 4x2GB in slots 5-8.  Total of 18GB.  But I have 8GB left on the shelf!


Any ideas?  Sounds like a compatibility issue.  The RAM is high quality Samsung PC2-5300F, dual rank.





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Thanks for the reply.  I have tried putting all 4, 4GB sticks in the white slots and then all 4, 2GB sticks in the black slots and it will not post.  As soon as I take out one 4GB stick (any one), it will boot, but of course, not take credit for the one stick of the pair (ie, 16GB=4+4+2+2+2+2).


I'm feeling that it is a rank issue, but don't quite understand it enough.  All of the sticks are dual rank.  I would think that if I put 4, dual rank sticks in that would equal 8, which I've found elsewhere on the web is the T7400's limit with no risers.


I'll keep playing around.

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