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Moving From A PC To A Server


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For many years I have been running a media server in the house (A dedicated PC really). This unit shares and stores all our family photo's, home movies and music.



After a long illness I have decided to get back in the game and set myself a chalange. Move from a PC to a Server.



So here its what I want i want to achieve.



Store all our data in one place, safely and protected.



Server the data up to 3 PC's in the house and 2 laptops which travel out of the house, 2 x Samsung smart TV's and 2 x Raspberry Pi's using Plex. I’m moving away from My Movies after several years of using it. I feel that Plex now has the edge.



Backup the PC's and Laptops and there data.



For the hardware I have taken advantage of a great offer on a Lenovo Think Server TS140 with Windows 2012 essentials. I have increased the memory to 16 Gig. For the hard drives I have 2 x brand new Samsung SSDs sat here looking at me waiting to be installed. They are going to be installed in a 4 port Icy Dock enclosures and set up a raid 1 array using the Lenovo's on board raid 



I used to install and take care of SBS 2003 for several people so the setup of 2012 should not be too hard.



I was thinking about maybe running ESXI as a base with 2012 and may be UTM or PfSence in VM's. I also thought about a Linux VM running plex???  This is where I’m out of my depth. If anyone can offer advise on the VM side of things I would really appreate it.



As soon as the hardware arrives and I start to build I will post some pictures. What ever pitfalls and trumps I go through I will try and share to hopefully save other so time.


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Congratulations and thanks for sharing your plans. I'm looking to move off of a server, WHS 2011 and go to a NAS, 

likely a QNAP box. 


I hesitate as I still love MyMovies and have a routine that is convoluted, but it works. I first rip all of my DVDs to a folder

format in which I extract only the feature film. I then put the DVD in my server and MyMovies addin copies the folder

format and then it automatically makes an mp4 version since Plex can't read folder rips. It is this step that I'm not 

sure QNAP can replicate. In the worst case I'll just fire up my server once in a while and perform this function when

I have a batch of DVDs. 


With 2011 dying 2012 is just more than I need. The QNAP or Synology boxes are very capable and certainly use

less electricity and produce less heat than my big box server. 

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