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HP Microserver N40l memory issues


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Hi all, hopefully someone can help here, had this issue for a while now and no idea how to fix it. basically i had 8 gb installed (x2 4gb). My bios shows 4gb and windows shows 8gb (3.75gb usable).  The ram i have used is exactly the same as a friend used in another n40l which works (Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz).
I have also just tried installing 2 8gb DIMMS and same behaviour. Bios shows 8gb but windows shows 16gb with 7.75 usable (Crucial CT102464BA160B 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Unbuffered NON-ECC)
My bios is the latest version from HP (2013), i have done the usual swapping the memory around, messed about with settings in the BIOS with no luck.
Searching around, i see that others had the same issue but nothing i try works. 
I dont understand how the bios cannot see it, but windows sees it ?



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Kind of what I was thinking hence why I tried the second set of dimms. Meaning the 2 x 4gb could be faulty, but the same results with 2x 8gb?


Could it be the motherboard ? But even then if it was the mother board windows would not see it.

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