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Which HDD? WD Red or Hatachi


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think i have asked this before..


i need to get new drives asap as one of my 2TB has failed.


Did decide on the WD RED 4TB, just found some Hatachi's at the same price..and seem to be better then the WD's?


Hatachi 7200rpm & 128MB cache 

WD Red 5400 & 64MB cache


need to order asap..any input would help.














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I went with 2 x 6 TB WD's for my first lot £190 a drive


My second lot i picked up 2 x 5TB Toshiba Canvio 5TB (TOSHIBA MD04ACA500) and shucked them


They are very fast drives 221 at the start of the drive on Sata 6Gb/s Ports

Here's one on a 3Gb/s port in my gen8


Paid £86 each and £12 cashback so £74 per 5TB


Its worth considering




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Ah..actually just bought one of these last week from dabs..did not know about the cash back though...


Left this externally attached to a PC .


Am in the process if backing up my data at the moment to it..

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Can't see how much warranty these drives come with? And is this still valid once the drive is removed from the enclosure?


Also being desktop drives, they will not be nas optimised? 24/7 usage? What are the issues here if any?

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