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SDD in ODD or Swappable bay


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I have just bought a MS Gen 8 for a fairly simple home server setup using Ubuntu. I am unlikely ever to use all four bays and redundancy is currently not important.  Therefore I have bought only  one 64gb Sandisk SDD(for OS) and a 3TB WD Red. I may buy another 3TB WD Red in future. 



Would be grateful if someone can help with these queries for my setup


1. Should I install the SDD in swappable bays or ODD as mentioned a lot in this forum? Bearing in mind I am extremely unlikely to use all four bays?

2. Is there any advantage in using a RAID setup rather than AHCI if I have only one HDD for storage? - I am thinking about easier setup / performance and possibility of RAID 1 in future?






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If yor not going to use all the bays chuck the ssd in bay 1


There are loads of disadvantages to using HP's dodgy raid orom

and sod all advantages


So no stick to Ahci mode if you have any sense

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