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Having trouble installing Server 2012 r2


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Hey guys, I'm going mad over here.


I got my Gen8 yesterday, and installed Server 2012 r2 on a pair of 500gb drives setup as RAID 1. I used Intelligent Provisioning and then put a USB drive in with Server 2012 r2 and it eventually rebooted into Server 2012 all ready to go. Great stuff.


However, I decided I wanted to install 2 bigger drives instead, which I installed and then I went through the same process again, however this time, I can't get Server 2012 to install properly!


I go through the same point on Intelligent Provisioning, and then eventually the server reboots, but now it reboots to my pen drive and wants to know what drive it's installing to, but can't detect any drive because it needs a storage controller driver.


What am I missing here guys? This is driving me up the wall.


Edit: Jesus christ that's a big avatar it pulled from Twitter!

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