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UK Gen 8 Sale


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The ML10 v2 also has the cashback offer running. £109.99 after cashback.


Disadvantages of the ML10 v2 are that it is bigger, there are less USB 2.x ports, you don't get hotswap bays and the iLO port is shared.


Advantages are that it is bigger, it has 4 DIMM slots for a total of 32GB RAM, you get more PCIe slots, it uses a newer Haswell CPU which can be upto 80W and you get 2 full sized ODD bays.

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I just bought one via the Ebuyer link.


Works out at £109.99 after cash back.


For those not sure. It is a standard 1155 socket. You can boot from the 5th SATA. It has the 200W PSU


I decided just to use parts at hand with mine and after very little messing it's configured like this:


i3 3220 (slightly higher wattage but runs nice and cool)

1TB 2.5" mechanical in ODD bay for OS HP RAID (tested with 8.1, 10 and Server 2012 R2)

4 X 2TB on HP RAID imported from a previous windows install (No data loss)


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