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Sorry if this is a newbie question but I have not found the answer on forum yet


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I have received a new,  Gen 8 microserver with windows server 2012 pre installed plus some other pre-configured software.


What I have is :-


                - Gen 8 ; 8G Ram; ODD DVD burner;  2TB single Drive, software pre-installed


What I want to upgrade to is:-


                - Gen 8; 16G Ram; ODD DVD burner; 1TB SSD Raid 0 or 2x1TB SSD Raid 1, Schoondoggy mounted OS drive(s) ; 2x Schoondoggy mounted 1TB "scratch drives" for temp transcoding or video streaming space;  4x5TB data drives in raid 10; I want to keep the ODD.


I have built and upgraded many computers so I am comfortable updating the hardware. 


I have also read many articles in this forum and seen many of the John Stutsman videos here and on YouTube, so I know all of the components I need and MOST of what I need to do.....but I am new to RAID.


Usually, if I buy a base computer and upgrade the hard drive immediately, I image the OS drive with Acronis TrueImage or similar, put the new drive in the old bay and reboot...Done!


So here is my questions....How do I image the existing, single, non RAID spinning drive to a RAID 0 (or 2xRAID1) new SSD OS drive? Is that even possible?


I realize I can start from blank, configure for RAID and reinstall everything but that seems inefficient, plus every time I have don that in the past I spend days finding and fixing configuration issues. 


As I said, I am new to RAID so if what I am trying to do violates the laws of physics I apologize!  Imaging the old OS drive to new OS when I change HDD is my classic move!  I am sure I could still do that if RAID were not desired.


Any pointers or links to forum entries of those who have done this already?



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the big thing in your request would be picking up a P222 to handle the storage array. you could then migrate the 2tb boot to the ssd or ssd aray and since the boot volume would be still on the same array you should be fine

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I am no expert but I would act like following:


upgrade your gen8 as you like to do (e.g. 2x 1TB SSD in raid 1 for OS on a Schoondoggy braket); put the 4 HDDs into the bays and install your WS2012 new to the SSD Raid. After that I would do as you used to. Do a acronis image or barematel backup.

Why? I would like to have a fresh installed OS especially when I am going to change to an SSD for gaining the complete performance advantage.


IF you have no install media or due to any other reason you can do teh baremetal backup from your pre installed WS2012 and play it back after setting up your raid. This shouldn't be an issue except the point mentioned above.

the raid drives are acting as a normal drive as long as you do not change order on your controller or change something else on the setup of your raid controller/drives.


I hope this will help you a little.

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Thanks to both posters for their suggestions.


The Microserver is fresh out of the box and I have not used it yet, so I was trying to avoid a fresh Windows install!


Are you both saying that I can install 2xSSD in raid 1 array, image the hard drive to the new SSD array, then simply set the boot drive to the new SSD array?

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