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adding Drive to G8


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please delete this thread, sorry i think the connector of my hotswap bay is broken because after i connected the drive without the bay, it worked. sorry.


I added a 5th Drive to my G8 because Im running a FreeNAS server with RaidZ and i want to achieve RaidZ2 on without loosing my the storage, so I got a 5th drive and connected it to my SATA port, and i saw a few posts about people adding 1 or 2 drives to this machine. I also watched TechNuts video on how to configure the new drive, and he said i need to press F5 in the boot, i dont have that option, can it be that its because im running in AHCI instead on the Raid card?

Im scared to mess with stuff in the bios because i dont want to loose my files on the RaidZ config i have now. I thought this was gonna be a plug and play config, but it doesnt show up in the bios on boot nor can i see the F5 option to see it. I thought i might not have enough power to start the sucker so i used a 2nd Powersupply to power it, but it still doesnt show.

does anybody know if i need to set anything in the bios, and i was searching in german too and i saw people talking about a modded bios but i wasnt really sure what that means because i havent seen anybody talking about this on here, except that i just updated to the newest J06 firmware and iLo.


hope somebody can help



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