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B120i replacment suggestions?


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Hey peeps, 


So after a VERY long time trying to get the B120i to an acceptable performance level on VMware ESXi 5.5 - 6. I have come to the conclusion that its just not up to task and needs replacing.


What replacements would you suggest/recommend for working with ESXi I as looking into the P222 or P410i, but im open to anything that will give decent throughput on ESXi.

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Ok so scratch that first post I have decided to go for the HP Smart Array p410 512mb BBWC raid controller. 



I take i will need to disable the B120i from the bios and place it into AHCI?

Will HP recoignise it and will i be able to configure it with the F5 button during boot?

I currently have 3 drives (120gb SSD for holding esxi and vm's, 2tb for storage datastore and 500gb for backup datastore), can i use the same 4into1 miniSAS cable to plug into 1 of the 8 ports on the P410?



Can anybody just give me a quick install rundown?




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P410 right? P410i is the motherboard integrated version of the card. schoondoggy tested the P410 in his Microserver and found it isn't supported for iLO4 monitoring. I'm not sure if SSA will work with it either. I would have picked the P222 as it has 1 internal and 1 external port + is FBWC so doesn't the NiMH battery to be replaced every few years + it is fully supported by HP for the Microserver.


You just plug it in and move the SFF-8087 cable from the Microserver motherboard to the P410 card. I wouldn't leave the B120i controller in AHCI mode. I've had lots of issues with the B120i in AHCI mode on ESXi so I'd leave it in B120i mode or disable it entirely.


Use the HP customized version of ESXi 6.0 to install or you'll need to mess about with iLO drivers etc...

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Yup sorry its the P410 yes. Ok well i dont really use the iLO monitoring and im not all that fussed about storage manager so long as i can configure it after post/boot with a keystroke thats fine.


When you say i will need to mess about with drivers qhat do you mean? I would assume the P410 driver would be included in the HP esxi image?.


Edit - I just noticed you said iLO driver. Could you explain?



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