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Recorded TV Manager Problem


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I am having a problem when "adding a folder".

I have a share on my home system that is open and viewable. I have confirmed that I can connect, with login/pass, and see the listing of TV shows that have recorded.


When setting up a new folder in Recorded TV Manager it will not let me type in the UNC \\homesystem\share, but forces me to "Browse".

Okay fine, I will browse..

My Network Places

.. Entire Network

.... Microsoft Windows Network

...... Workgroup

........ HomeSystem


No (0) shares are viewable?


Homesystem is a Windows 7 64bit machine.





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Your "Home System" is the Media Center PC? Map it as a drive maybe?


It's been a while since I have used this add-in. I may need to fire it up again. Anyone else?

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I have rebooted both the HP WHS and the Windows 7 Media server, still WHS is not seeing the share.

Like I said before, the Windows XP system can see the share with no problems.


I am stumped..


One other thing, when you turn on sharing it says "Unable to share", Google said to use the advance sharing.. that seems to work, but 100% not sure about.


Upgraded my HP WHS with a 2TB WD Green drive.. Just two more drives to upgrade from 500GB to 2TB. Hopefully that will be enough space to hold all the pics my wife takes.

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I have an update for this thread.


I was able to resolve this problem, here is how:


1. Remote Desktop'ed into the WHS.

2. Clicked "Run", then typed in the name on my Media server "\\homesystem"

3. It asked for a Login/Password (This is the first time it had asked!)

4. I could now see the shares

5. Closed out the RDC (Remote Desktop) and started the WHS console.

6. Went to Recorded TV Manger and "browsed" to my homesystem and the shares now showed up!


It came down to a login/password issue, the odd thing is that it never prompted me for a login/password until I RDC'ed into the WHS.

I think there is a way to remove the need for the login/password in Windows 7 shares.. will look for that next.

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