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The Best Kids Gift Ever, Blocks!


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This is the best gift ever. I purchased two of these sets years ago and we still play with them.  Yes, "we."  They get played with by themselves as blocks and they are always great for modifying other playtime. If you have kids or kids in your family this is a great gift.





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They also last forever   =  our daughter #2 will pass along the set we gave her  25 yrs ago to her new baby ( our first grandchild)


(the occasional crayon mark or ding just gives them character)

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I second the motion. one of the 'toys' I used the most as a kid - no limit to what can be done with it!


combined with some plastic toy figures of appropriate scale and you are golden!

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Just picked up a set for our son. Our next door neighbor gave him a big collection of Lego's, but I think he would

actually be more interested in this.

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