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Smart Array doesn't recognize any disks


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Hey guys!


After spending the entire day looking around for answers (and hunting down updates) I have to ask. 


I have a 2.5 inch conventional disk attached to the ODD Sata port - that one is recognized. I took apart one of my old WD external drives and added that 2TB disk (Slot 1 and 3 I believe) and bought a Kingston 480 GB SSD (that I cannot get to fit in the slide). I read before you complain, do the firmware upgrade. (SPP2015060.2015_0605.106). Not sure how to verify which parts have actually been updated, I went through automatic first, that went too fast for my taste so I did the interactive method where iLO was updated and something else. 


I finally wanted to eliminate me being to thick to install the drives in the tray and manually stuck them on the SATA ports (in the trays) to ensure they are properly connected and that didn't yield any results either. Can anyone possibly assist me in troubleshooting this? 


Thanks guys - 




PS: That 500 GB drive is the 2.5 inch conventional HDD. 



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You need something like these to fit the SSD in one of the bays:


Do not use the 3.5" mount that comes with many SSD's, it could wreck your backplane.


Disconnect the cable from the motherboard and reconnect it to be sure you have a good connection.

If you still don't see the drives, try each one on the ODD port to confirm that they work.

Then try re-seating them in the bays.

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Thank you for your help. I will buy one of those - but in Norway supply is either scarce or expensive or both :) 

I found the issue - when I was attempting to try the other drives like you suggested, I was wondering where the SATA drive got its power from. You see where this is going, I apologize. 

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