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Folder redirection question


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I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 on my home network.


I'm thinking of enabling folder redirection. I haven't enabled it to date because in our house, everyone has their own PC and we don't really swap PCs around, so I didn't see much point in it.


Lately though I have been looking into online backup with Cloudberry. Online backup space is a valuable resource and it occurred to me that it would be nice if there was an easy way to backup everyone's user folders to the cloud without having to backup the whole of the client computer backups. It seems like folder redirection might be a neat way to do this. With folder redirection on, I could just backup the Folder Redirection server folder. Is my thinking correct here?


Also I am wondering why the standard redirect location is a Folder Redirection server folder. We already have Users server folders, which no one in our house uses much anyway. I figure I may as well use those for redirection - i.e. change the GPO to redirect my local user folders to \\<servername>\users. That way all user data is together in one place, synced between the client and the server, and backed up both to the server as part of client backup and also to the cloud.


Will this setup cause any problems? Is there any advantage to sticking with the standard Folder Redirection server folder?

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this sounds like a possible motivation for directing folders to the server even with a single pc per user. I was just considering un-doing that myself as the only other PCs I use just run rdp clients to my main desktop (being too old/tiny to run win7 or beyond). But if you use the client backup I think it is a six of one - half dozen of the other, and keeping them local has speed and simplicity advantages.


The only thing I can say for your idea is that if you use the 'offline' folder option sometimes the server view of the files' location is way different from the desktop view. this could lead to some issues when recovering files. I am not sure where the mapping information is stored.

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If you're using Windows 8 or 10, the "File History Backup" feature may be better, actually.


But no reason not to do that.

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