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Here Is a Little Tidbit That May Open Your Eyes About Windows 10 & Your Privacy.

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You guys are awesome. Huge issue being discussed calmly while disagreeing on some of the issues. Great thread.


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You see Dave, The team is always giving you somthing for your next show. Where I come from its called job security :D

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Mis-information is one of my biggest pet-peeves and the internet is full of it. As I was watching this video I could tell the verbiage that Leo was reading was the OneDrive disclosure and he was confusing it with hard drive access. As NRF has stated, in a later episode Leo re-addressed the issue.

Unless I am missing something, this specific concern is not an OS issue, this is a cloud issue. All cloud providers have these same issues. Of course OneDrive is very intertwined in Windows 10, so there is much gray area here.

Not to muddy the water too much, but many states require PC techs to report illegal content on laptops they are working on:


So, even your own laptop at a computer shop or your company provided laptop at the IT department are open for review. 

On the subject of Windows 10 and privacy, I think this is a very good article:


I am totaly fine with the cloud stuff, You put ur stuff on someone else servers in the cloud and you may as well look at it like you have turned over your keys which is y I dont use these services. Thanks for letting us know that Leo cleard this up in a later episode, Can you post the link for that?

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