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Fan Galore! (Hints? Suggestions?)


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i've got a *ton* of these fans lying around ... Are they any good? Should i put them?

They are 4 pins so i could connect them straight to the 6pin out of the chassis fan right? 



http://partner.delta-corp.com/Products/FANUploads/Specification/PFC0612DE-F00(REV02).pdf (6x6) 


And this which i can't find specifics for ...

inventec ifd04048b12


Any hints, suggestions (even if its just to throw them) ..


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Hehehe ... 

Yeh, i dismantled a few sun systems and hp systems that i had lying around here ... 

They do are loud, but they come free ... a noctua isn't. 

Was wondering with PWM how loud they were ... 

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well the 6x6 is rated at 61dB   considering the average fan in a PC is about 27 60 would be like having a conversation with the server

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ahaha ...

yeah ... we rigged them up here at work to a feeder that was giving 1amp instead of 1.65 and they basically lifted off (i could probably make a hoverboard with those) 

Those are really nice fans, just, not good for microserver i guess. 

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