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HP Stream Mini Desktop $149.99

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I'm thinking of wiping mine as well.  I'm still in the middle of updates to see what that adds to the system.  First boot had 19.2Gb out of 22.6Gb free.  Yikes!

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Get your license key before you wipe it or be sure to get a OEM ISO to load it.

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I verified via "C:\slmgr /xpr" that the Stream has been permanently activated. So with a downloaded W10 install I won't need a key.

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I just upgraded a Dell Venu 8 pro to windows 10 today


The Windows.old directory took up 15 gigs - !!


went ahead and removed it  -  the base foot print of windows 10 is smaller than windows 8.1  , at least for my tablet. 


before I did the in place upgrade,  I had "reset" the dell venue 8 completely  so this is  apples to apples comparison  


the bare "reset" window 8.1 install  took up a shade under 18 gigs - 17.5  Gigs 


the bare  "inplace" upgrade of windows 10 is  14.2 gigs ( after deleting the windows.old and other upgrade files )



pretty free of junk -   aside from  some dell apps , it looks like a clean install - similar to what I found with a windows.iso install.



So far, I have switched 1 desktop , 1 laptop and now my tablet.    All in place upgrades went very smoothly   I don't think I will reinstall again from images  -  don't see a need to at this point. 

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Continuing the rebuild of my Stream Mini...


Install 2G 1600 MHz DDR3 memory previously removed from QNAP TS-453, now boots to 4G
Reboot / Esc to enter setup

  • Try Recovery option > blue screen for a while, then it shut itself down
  • Looked through all the BIOS settings, reset to Factory, then Disable network boot and Enable virtualization
  • HP System Diagnostics; Quick Test (~20 minutes), all results = PASSED

Messed around with Dropbox, trying to uninstall it to get the HP “free 25G” offer to work. It kept saying that Dropbox was already installed no matter what I removed. Finally edited the registry but got nervous about that and did a clean-wipe-Reset of the device

  • Endless boot cycle with the error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, harrumph
  • Power down, power up: no change
  • Restart / Esc: BIOS still shows SSD; DPS Self-test:PASSED

Clean install of Windows 10

  • Windows media creator (on different PC) to create Windows 10 Home x64 USB
  • Restart / Esc > boot EFI [uSB stick]
  • Skip product key
  • Clean install
  • Delete all existing partitions, Next
  • Stuff, reboots
  • Enter product key later, Express settings
  • Log in with Microsoft account; skip creating PIN
  • 3 Device Manager issues (right-click [+])… after several minutes (in which I did nothing) it reduced to 2 issues
  • After several minutes more (in which I did nothing) it reduced to 0 issues, Restart
  • C:\slmgr /xpr > confirm Windows 10 “permanently activated”
  • Install HP Support Assistant (sp71727)
  • Run HP SA
    • Wireless, Bluetooth, Intel Rapid Storage, Realtek card reader drivers to be updated…
    • Apply, Restart
    • HP SA: no upgrades available


  • Recovery 450 MB
  • System 100 MB
  • Reserved 16 MB
  • Primary 29 GB (17.4 of 29.2 GB free)(after the original upgrade to W10 it was only 4G, so this is quite an improvement)

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Bought one of these on Amazon to attach a pulled m.2 SATA SSD to another machine (e.g. to image it).


ZTC Thunder Board M.2 (NGFF) SSD to SATA III Board Adapter. Multi Size Fit with High Speed 6.0GB/s. Model ZTC-AD001


Tested it with an m.2 SSD pull from a Venue 11. Worked perfectly.

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There should be a Windows.old folder you can delete.

Agreed but he needs to delete it threw the disk cleanup tool. Also he can disable hibernation will give him more space also. I had the same problem on an HP Stream laptop and after cleaning everything up I was able to have around 9GB free space and that's with Microsoft Office 2013 installed.

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Just wanted to give an update on my Stream Mini.  I have now got the specs up on this box pretty high, but found an interesting limit or limits of the unit.


Current Specs on the unit:

Upgraded to 6 GB of RAM

Upgraded to 128 GB SSD in place of the 32 GB

Added 1 TB SSD via Ribbon Cable from Meet Up


New limitations found:

  1. Sound will not come through the DisplayPort it appears that only HDMI and the Audio output allow for this
  2. Maximum Display resolution is 2440 x 1440.  This means it won't push a 21:9 monitor

I know that many of you would look at this and go "Why?" and the answer is "Because I wanted to put it on my Dell 34" widescreen.  I was planning on putting all my movies on the unit directly and I had a 1 TB SSD available from my old media center PC.  Not to mention... I needed to find the upper limits on this thing.

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