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Cant offline one Drive in Windows Server 2012R2 or 2016 TH2


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Hello friends,


i have an strange issue and i have no clue why?


I have setup an Windows Server 2016, and i have 4x 2TB HDDs in the Bays.

I have the OS Installed on an SSD in the ODD bay.


i have made an bootmanager so that HP Server can Boot the OS!


But when i try to Offline my 4x 2TB HDDs .. i cant get them all Offline..every time one Drive will stay Online an i recieve the following Error!

I need to get all disks offline, so that im able to passtrough the disk to my Synology VM (xpenology vm).






As you can see on the Picture i cant get Disk 0 Offline :( Anyone an Idea??

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Did you have all of the drives in the system when you installed the OS?

I think it is a standard rule of Windows Server that the OS drive and Drive0 can not be taken offline.

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That doesn't look like the Server I've been told about.  The next version version will have no GUI.  Anyway, back to your question,  why are there four volumes on each drive?  If you formatted them there should only be one, possibly two.  That might be part of your issue.


If you are trying to pass thru the entire 8TB as one logical drive, just convert the 4x2TB to a RAID1 and pass thru just the one logical drive.  You also have to consider since this is Beat software, actually Alpha, some things might not be working properly.

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the 4x 2TB drives are an linux raid array for my "synology VM" i dont know why there are 4 partitions.. i think thats the default format from synology hybrid raid (SHR)


The Operating System is Installed on Disk 4!


I have tested to offline the 4x 2TB disks under Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2.. still not working :( 

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apparently it is a leaked copy of Windows Server 2016 Threshold 2, that surfaced a few days ago. An official release of the preview can be found here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-technical-preview



That link now takes you to the Tech Preview 3 for Windows Server 2016, which has two versions one of which has containers support. 

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