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Hey guys,


I've been meaning to build myself a server for over a year now. Started listening to the podcast a few months ago, so I thought I'd post the specs here and see if I can get a few of my questions answered.

Note - All costs are in AUD.


CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (939) (Pre-owned)

Mobo: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium (Pre-owned)

Ram: 4 x 512M GeIL PC3200 (Pre-owned)

CPU Fan: Zalman CNPS10X Quiet Cooler ($68)

PSU: Corsair HX-650 ATX Power Supply ($147)

Case: Lian Li Black PC-A70F Full Tower Chassis ($298)

Case Addon: Lian Li Black EX-H34 SATA Hot Swap Cage ($92)

Case Addon: Lian Li C-02B DC/DVD Bezel ($18)

Raid Card: HighPoint Rocket Raid 2320 ($418)

HDD: 8 x Western Digital 1TB Blue 32MB SATAII WD10EALS ($87 ea.)

OS HDD: Western Digital 500G Blue ($57)

DVD: Sony AD7240SGB 22X SATA OEM DVD RW Black ($31)


A few questions:

1. Will there be any benefit if I go with a SSD for my OS HDD? If I were to go SSD, I would only get 32GB or something cheap.

2. Can I disable Windows Drive Extender and use my 8x1TB HDDs in a RAID5 with my raid card?

3. Is there any 2TB hdds that people would recommend? I don't want to go the WD Green 2TB because of the IntelliPark problem, and I don't want to get the WD Black 2TB because of the cost.

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1.You will not benifit form an SSD on WHS other than faster boot times which is not necessary.

2.This is not a good plan. If you want to that than go with the full server 2003/2008 not WHS. WHS is designed to work with DE. If you go through this forum you will find other stories on the same subject. My opinion is to stay as far away from RAID as you can on WHS.

3.I have 6 2T greens running on WHS and have no issues at all so my recommendation is the 2T green. You should try on for yourself and you will find they work great in a WHS.


General comments, I would not spend that much on a RAID card you can not use. Get a standard SATA 2 card it will save you allot of cash. Lastly, The MB/CPU/RAM combo will work fine but you be better taking what you saved on the raid card and putting to a more efficient combo and that combo tends to run warm and is not very power efficient. Just my two cents.

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Another comment on the SSD.... It will be too small for the OS should you decided to upgrade to Vail which has a minimum size requirement above 32gb

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Yea, why are you running the AMD set up instead of a Core2Duo or i3/i5 or something? C2D is cheap now and cooler/uses less power - no? Probably just stuff you have laying around I guess?

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I think he is running the AMD Processor/MB combo as it says just after the processor information; Its a Pre-Owned.


I to do this all the time, lets be truly honest about this WHS, does not really need a lot of horse power, so 'hand me downs' and resourced parts are kinda common and they really help the bottom line on the build.


My server, started life as a Socket 478 with a P4 2.4Ghz & 320Gigs (2x160), its has gone through several Mother Boards and at least a half a dozen Processor(s), its now a Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz & now 14Tb of storage.


My understanding is that WHS1 will work on a P3, short of trans-coding video I believe it would.

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