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Hi all, and thanks for what is one of the best gen-8 related resources i've found in my google trawling thus far.


Just looking for a little bit of advice on a proposed setup before I start investing time into getting it running.


I'm trying to set up a Home Server to house the following services


  • Win7 or 8 VM to run
    • ServerWMC and serve TV from my HDHomeRun to my Kodi Clients
    • Kodi to manage my DB and share it with other Kodi ClientsServe Music to devices via ?? (undecided as yet
  • Run a FreeNAS VM to share the 4x4TB in raid5 (can i mirror this with 3x4tb?)


  • Some kind of cloud storage setup for our Phones and photos/docs/backups etc.


I've collected the following components

  1. GEN-8 g1610t server
  2. Intel XEON E3-1265L SR0G0 2.4GHz
  3. 16gb Kingston RAM - KTH-PL313E/8G
  4. 2x Samsung 840EVO 128GB SSD
  5. 4x4tb WD Reds and 2 x 4tb seagate(can purchase one more to get 12TB mirror)
  6. 1 x P222 card with 512MB FWBC
  7. assorted SAS and sata cables etc.
  8. IB-555SSK 5 bay external backplane (i'll find a psu for this somewhere in the garage)


I was wondering if it was possible, or advisable to have the 4x4tb reds in a raid5 mirrored onto 3x4 tb drives on the ext SAS channel? (i have 2x4tb unused at the moment and was hoping i could get away with only buying one more.) or have to spring for 2 extra 4tb drives


I've never set up a server properly before and have had these jobs housed on my HTPC, but its run out of physical space for storage and I just got a 4kTV so my the size of my RIPS is going to increase dramaticaly.


How would you accomplish the above if the setup was yours?


Thanks for your time and expertise guys.




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