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Low Power Consumption , Quiet Operation, Windows 10 Home Server


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After enjoying Tinkererguy's  excellent write up of  his  "SuperServer Work station build" 


I thought I'd share my new server. -    This is a different take on the home server and  both builds demonstrate the breath of what  can be done if you home brew your own server.


My 5 year old build , based on an AMD Athlon chip was getting long in the tooth -  and was noisy and didn't sleep/wake as well as I wanted it to.


I seriously thought about replacing it with a Qnap or Synology box.   But , I am completely sold on using Drivepool/Scanner from stable bits.    Not bashing the Raid option of the commercial NAS units, but I understand how drivepool works and how to recover data if the main box gets toasted


My objectives were:


- Windows 8.1/Windows 10  so I could use drivepool/drivescanner

- Quiet  

- low power comsumption

- Passmark of 2500 or higher

- ( this is the Plex recommended minumum passmark reading for Transcoding  to a ROKU


My build is based around a   AsRock J1900 ITX/Motherboard combo

2 gig, 4 cores , 10 watt TDP  and a Norco ITX-S4 Black Mini-ITX Form Computer Storage Case

I have Windows 10 pro installed on an 120 gig ssd and 4 WD 2Gig  Red Hard drives

I have less than 300 bucks invested in the bare bones, including $69 bucks for a Win8.1 license from Newegg


I reused the drives from  previous build and fortunately a friend had a couple of spare 2 gig SODIMMS for my memory.


Very pleased with the build -   I can transcode 1080p MKV files directly to my Roku's  without any hiccup.


I use Acronis Trueimage for backup and the images are sent directly to box. 


The motherboard has a modern  UEFI Bios and sleeps and wakes up like a charm.  My killawatt meter shows about a 40 watt power consumption when the drives are active.


Dead quiet when awake  the only fan in the system is rear case fan -   temps are good

Hint  - Amazon sells  5" SATA Cables, which made the install easy and clean


the only ding is the norco case -  pricey and there was barely enough clearance to get the power connector into the motherboard. I would go with a similar Silverstone 'box' if I were to do it again.

the stock power supply is cheap -  I got my standard seasonic PS to replace.  I wish they would sell it without power supply and knock 10-20 bucks off the price. 


here is the BOM


ASROCK  Integrated Motherboard/CPU  Q1900B-ITX
Norco ITX-S4 Black Mini-ITX Form Computer Storage Case
SeaSonic SS-250SU 250W 250W 1U 80+ Bronze Certified APFC Power Supply 





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I'm starting to think about power consumption on my older box. With all the work we've done on our "new" house buying a completely new 

box may be frowned upon. I"m running a Corei7-920 with 8GB of RAM on 2011. I also have the StableBit products and they work well.


I had also thought about a Synology or QNAP box. I've got a little over $200 in NewEgg credit and have waited on a deal on a 4-Bay device.

A good deal on a 2-Bay QNAP was posted today, but not a 4-Bay. Hoping to see some of those devices at the meetup to compare them



My biggest problem is that PLEX will spontaneously become undiscoverable. Unsure if 2011 or PLEX is at fault and looking at their

forums I would guess PLEX is the culprit. I thought it may be better on a prebuilt NAS like QNAP or Synology. As soon as I login and

refresh the app it shows back up. I was gone to Colorado for a week and it acted up again 3 days after I left home. Thank goodness

I had synced some movies to my Surface. 


I recently purchased the Windows 10 Home Server E-Book by Terry Walsh over at WeGotServed.com and look forward to reading it

to see what his text adds to my experience with Windows10.

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