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HP microserver six hard drives mod


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Hello everyone, wanted to share my case mod for HP Proliant N40L.

I needed 6 hard drives for RAIDZ-2 and microserver was a good candidate, small and compact case, just enough for my needs.

Here is the outside of finished project:




A lot of upper case construction had to be removed in order to put 2 more hard drives, and also a fan at the top.




Rails go from front to back with small plastic parts just to be sure nothing touches hard drive electronics.




Front L profile is riveted to the case, with one hole at the front to screw down hard drive.




Hard drives are screwed down from bottom side.




Back side must be removable, just in case back fan dies, it would be impossible to remove it. Notches are cut into it so bottom screws can slide in. There are two L profiles which are removable separately, rails slide between them.




Black cable is fan header going from molex splitter.




Used fractal design fan with resistor to reduce RPM, it's really quiet.




Fan cutout with screws for standard 120mm fan. Clearance between fan and hard drives is just a few millimeters. Everything was limited from the start by this. Standard 25mm thick fans are easy to get, but 15mm is impossible where I live.




Front grill is made to suck more air in. Maybe I will put some dust filter here.





That's about it, sorry for the long post and my bad english, it's not my native language :)

I don't have a workshop so everything was done mostly by hand. There are some ruff parts but it serves it's purpose.

What's left is to get PCI-e SATA adapter for additional hard drives. Also hard drives, but that's a different problem.

Hope this helps someone like me thinking about microserver. It's not so hard, just takes a lot of time and effort :)

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That was my concern also, without an additional fan there would be too much heat in this small case. It's blowing air out of the case, but I'm not sure if I should turn it to blow inside.

There is just a few millimeters clearance so airflow is obstructed.

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why would you need an additional pcie sata adapter.  you have 4 drives in the bay.   you can run the sata cable up from the motherboard for 1 drive and then run an esata to sata cable from the back to the other internal drive everything then handled by the onboard HP raid.   especially if you unlock the biosmods bios like most of us have done this will give you all the performance you need without losing a slot.

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Yes I can, but not really a fan of running esata cable from back. Also, esata-sata cables are not available here. I'm not going to run hardware RAID anyway.

This way if I later decide to add SSD for ZFS cache I will have free port for that.

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