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Samsung 850 EVO


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Hi, a couple of questions from a GEN 8 n00b
I've been trying to install server 2012 R2 Essentials off & on for the last two days on the above SSD connected to the ODD connector using Intelligent Provisioning. The drive is set to Raid0 & no other drives are in the bays
At the beginning of the installation it keeps on failing when trying to format the partition. I am unsure why this is happening as I can remove the drive & connect it to my W7 64 machine & delete, create partitions & format.


Scratching my head I stumbled across this, probably not related but thought I'd ask


I see the 840 EVO & PRO have been used in the compatibility thread but the 850 isn't listed by anyone.


Does anyone know a work around or shall I change the os or ssd ?


I was thinking of installing 2012 on a 3TB WD RED in bay 1 & then cloning this on the SSD.

Any thoughts ?

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Have you tried without intelligent provisioning? You'll need to provide the B120i driver if you're using the software RAID feature though. Otherwise you can change it into AHCI mode.


Be aware that the ODD connector is 3Gbps only. Bay 1 + 2 are the only ones capable of 6Gbps.


I was thinking of installing 2012 on a 3TB WD RED in bay 1 & then cloning this on the SSD.

That sounds like a really bad idea to me. If it is really the SSD that isn't working properly then who knows what else it isn't doing right? Doing a workaround by installing onto a HD and then cloning it onto your 850 EVO could be a ticking time bomb for later on.
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Thanks for your response GotNoTime.


I've change to ACHI & it now works.


Compatibility issues, anyone experienced the same ?

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Windows failed to install for me unless I removed all other drives from the bays. i.e. have ONLY the SSD connected whilst you install Windows Server.


Once it's installed you can add the drives back to the bays.


Edit : Hmm.. ignore me, it seems from reading your post over again it may not be related.

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