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External 4 Bay HDD Enclosure Recomendation


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Currently running WHS 2011 With Stablebit drivepool on a HP N36L.


I want to increase the storage on the server and use drivepool so not really interested in RAID enclosures.


Options could Mod the BIOS to allow ESATA to see multi drives or Install a USB3 Card.


At this stage I have on ordered a USB3 card.


So looking for a 4 bay enclosure that can take greater than 2Tb Drives.


One I have seen is this. hotway HFS-SU3S2. That comes in several retail versions.


Are there any other recommendations

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Have a look at the sansdigital.com/ range. They come in eSATA or USB3 variants.

Very reliable in my experience. 

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I have the MediaSonic Probox that I have had running on my HomeServer for a few years now running drivepool.  It has both USB3 and Sata connections and is relatively cheap.  I did find that SATA though was much more stable once you had a good card. 


Overall though it works nicely and I'm happy with it.




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  • 11 months later...

Reviving this thread.... Sorry.


Have recommendations changed for ESATA cards or enclosures?


I have decided I don't need a NAS enclosure as I have decided.


I would be more than happy with a USB3 or ESATA one.

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I'm still running the Probox with no issues at all.  Ever since I got a good card recommended by Drashna it has been very stable with Drivepool.


Its been a few years though so not sure if there are better options out there now.

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