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BSOD's under internet "load"


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Hi Everyone,


I have an unusual issue on my N40L. 6GB's RAM, Windows 2008R2 Enterprise.


Basically, when I'm using the internet, and especially when I'm downloading (Vuze), the server reboots.


Patch levels are up to date (I applied the latest HP SPP yesterday).


Quickly looking at Bluescreen View, I see the "caused by" sections showing tcpip.sys or ntoskrnl.exe (please attached screen dump).


Before I embark on a massive amount of troubleshooting, I was wondering if anyone could advise on possible culprit and a good troubleshooting track.


I am assuming that the fact that I am capturing minidumps every time it happens is pointing to a conflict somewhere.


Advice appreciated.




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Do you get any unexplained crashes or issues if you run something CPU intensive such as Prime95?


Have you tried running SFC to see if anything in Windows is corrupted? Run "sfc /scannow" from an administrator command prompt.

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Ok, that was interesting.


It appeared to find a few corrupt files, and has subsequently repaired.


Started downloads again ..... and another BSOD for same issue (tcpip.sys).


Running sfc again now.

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I've not experienced this type of issue, but it seem reasonable to check the NIC driver for any updates, and run a general hard disk health check. barring that, at some point if you can't trust the OS an AOL-style re-install may be appropriate.


but I defer to those with more experience in these situations.

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Watch your temps in iLo. The Ethernet chip runs hot in the Gen8. If your system is running hot overall, this could push the Ethernet chip to be unstable.

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