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Ram Suitability Question pls


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Thanks. I get confused with ram. I thought they need to be non ecc?

They have to be ECC and unregistered for the Gen8 Microserver and the stock CPUs or Xeons. some people have fitted regular Core i5 CPUs and apparently it works with non-ECC RAM but I've no experience of this. Edited by GotNoTime
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​Sticks you have linked to are both non-ECC?

They are not. They are ECC. They are unbuffered. They are the correct type for Gen8.

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No, neither will.


It needs to be ECC unbuffered.


Not only that, but the second link is DDR2!

I used 2 of these, and this is an excellent price at the moment :-




I put 2x of these in mine: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008LMNXS0


What's the difference between yours and those? Except a small price difference I can only see that they use a bit less voltage to run.



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Well that's the main difference it seems.. yours is 1.5v, mine is 1.35v

The RAM chips themselves are actually the same for DDR3 and DDR3L. The only difference is that the 1.35V ones were capable of hitting the required specifications at a lower voltage. 1.5V RAM is only guaranteed to work at 1.5V. 1.35V RAM is guaranteed to work at 1.35V or 1.5V since DDR3L is an extension of DDR3. If you were intending to overclock (in another machine) then the 1.35V RAM is more preferable since it is in theory slightly better quality.


You'll use slightly less power and generate slightly less heat if you have 1.35V RAM in the Microserver and have a CPU that supports DDR3L. Apart from that, there aren't any useful difference.

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