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Unable to access iLO


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So my server has been running great for a few weeks now, pretty much no issues at all, I noticed in FreeNAS my time was offset by an hour (behind) so I changed it with date <currenttime>, then restarted.


After that, I wasn't able to access iLO anymore. I don't see how changing the time in FreeNAS would affect iLO at all, so the problem has to be elsewhere.


When the server is booting up, it shows the iLO graphical POST interface and shows the iLO IP at the bottom as it has always done, and the IP has not changed. It has also not changed on my router, because I have it locked on my router to that IP.


But now when I try to connect to it, it just times out, like so:



I don't really know what else I can try - I've tried shutting it down and pulling the power and leaving it off for a few minutes a couple of times to no avail.


I can still boot windows/freenas like normal and access freenas using the web interface on the same IP as I normally would, nothing else on my network (switch/router) has been changed, so I'm scratching my head at this, has iLO "crashed" or something? I know there are some DIP switches near the PCIE port which can be used for maintenance purposes but I've no idea if they can help with fixing my iLO problem.


Thanks in advance,



Edit: I just found this page: http://blog.thestateofme.com/2015/01/21/howto-factory-reset-ilo-4-on-hp-microserver-gen8/


Which mentions adjusting the time. However, I also paid for and activated iLO Advanced, so the trial running out doesn't fit with my problem.

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Status: Resolved. Just followed the instructions on that page, hit F8 during bootup and reset it, server went into the BIOS afterwards, everything was the same, so I exited, server shut down, came back on, iLO is working again!


No idea what caused it but at least it's working now, although as iLO was reset I need to try and find my Advanced key and re-enter it, because it's back to basic iLO now.

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